Hi everyone!

My name is Patty, and I’m just your ordinary 24 year old from the lovely state of New Jersey.

Making this site has been a long time coming. I started my own fitness journey when I graduated college in 2010. I made a tumblr blog to track my fitness, health, food…and to be motivated, as well as inspire others. I realized I was extremely passionate about health and fitness…which is when I decided to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer!

I actually got a personal training job before I even took the test, and could start training my own clients pending my passing the test. I have been doing one-on-one personal training for almost 2 years now and LOVE it.

Recently, I wanted to make a more official blog in order to continue to help people looking to get healthy…and here we are!

This blog will give you tips, healthy recipes, information, and hopefully motivation. You’ll also be reading more about my own personal journey. I love to run, so expect a lot of race recaps! Furthermore, I love to run with my mom…so expect a lot of pictures of her too :)

Currently, I’m not training for anything in particular. I needed a break after running the New York City Marathon (with my mom!) last year.

I honestly NEVER in the world thought I would ever complete a marathon. But once I became part of the tumblr community, I started reading everyone’s race recaps and was so inspired that I convinced my mom to train with me and we did it! It was the hardest thing I have done…but we finished, and are planning on running NYC again in 2013.

Moral of the story: You can do anything you set your heart on doing. Whether it’s running a marathon…or heck, even a 5K…or beating your bench press personal record, give it all you got, and you will feel amazing once you reach your goal.

Ok, corniness over. But all joking aside…write down a few goals tonight and start working toward them! That is my challenge to you.

My blog is a work in progress and still “under construction” but I hope you enjoy my ramblings :)

Be Healthy,