A Day In The Life/Vlogging For Vlogmas

I know, I still haven’t put up a marathon recap (for anyone who cares lol) because I want to finish my video first!

But in the meantime, I’ve decided to start vlogging again and participating in Vlogmas. Vlogmas is a new vlogging video for 25 days leading up to Christmas :-O

I’m a bit late, because I started yesterday, Dec. 5 and not Dec. 1, but whatever – going to try to be consistent! I like vlogging and watching other people’s vlogs so figured I’d join in. Here’s my vlog from yesterday/Day 5:

Also, some exciting (for me) news…last week I found my wedding dress! If you’re in the NJ area, I highly recommend visiting I Do…I Do… in Morristown. They were so amazing and I found my dress in just 2 visits – I didn’t even want to go look anywhere else! I wish I could share photos but alas…I’ll have to wait until September to do that ;)

In running news, I entered myself and my mom for the NYC Half lottery – we find out this Thursday. Really hoping we both get in but I have this feeling that I’ll get in and she won’t and I’ll have to train for a half alone this winter. I really, really hope not.

I hope to have my marathon recap up this week, and in between now and January, just continuing to work on my business, and have fun with friends and family. I should probably also get my Christmas tree this week :-)

Anyone else enter the NYC Half lottery? Or are you doing a spring half?


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