Week 12 – NYC Marathon Training

Oops, skipped a weekly recap on the blog. And a little late with this one but oh well :-)

Kinda freaking out that there is only 7 weeks left of training…but feeling pretty decent…idk how I feel about my training so far!! Here’s what we did last week:

Monday: 7.5 miles total (1K repeats workout). We did 1.3 miles as a warmup, then 8x1K repeats at a little faster than tempo pace. We were shooting for 6 min. per 1K. We were in the 5:52-6:09 range. Then 1.3 miles for cooldown. Felt really good and had a great view.


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Tuesday: 3 miles easy pace.

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 16 mile long run. Finally was in the 11′s for my average pace (and last few miles in the 10s). All summer I’ve been struggling on my long runs because of the heat and humidity, and running in the 12s. Can’t wait for it to get cooler so running is comfortable again. Finished with 3 miles on the treadmill, with the last mile in about 8 min. Felt like I could have kept going!

Friday: 4 mile recovery run. Was a little sore, so ran reaalllyyy slow. Didn’t even wear a watch.

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: 6.5 miles easy pace. Love the days where you feel like you could keep going. I initially figured I’d run 4 miles (really did NOT want to run), but then started and felt good. I was like, ok I’ll do 5. Kept feeling good. I was like ok might as well keep going lol. Did 6.5 to complete 37 miles for the week.


Highest mileage of training so far. I have 7 weeks left, and I really want to hit 50 miles if possible. When do you plan your “peak weeks?” Like right before the taper?

PS – I think I’m going to enter the lottery for NYC Half…1) who is entering and 2) who has ran it? what did you think of the course??


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  1. Wow! I can’t believe how fast the time is going! NIce job on your training, you look right on track!
    Debbie recently posted…5 Training Tips to Help You Conquer a Hilly RaceMy Profile

  2. Wow way to up the mileage! Sounds like you are right on track
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…Workout Mistakes My Trainer Wishes I Would Stop MakingMy Profile

  3. Sounds like your training is going well!
    Cassi recently posted…Meal Planning with PlatejoyMy Profile

  4. What a lovely sunrise! I have no advice for mileage but it sounds like you are doing well!
    Coco recently posted…Running After The Next AccomplishmentMy Profile

  5. Great week!

    I would love to do ANY race in NYC. It’s close to where I grew up, it’s my favorite city, and I think it would be just amazing.
    Jenn recently posted…wednesday word: accomplishMy Profile

  6. Race day is getting so close. I’m excited for you!

  7. Your training is going so well! Great job!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…What Do You Want To Accomplish?My Profile

  8. WOW! that is alot of miles in a week! Great job! I don’t think my coach ever plans that many but I am not training for a full marathon- just a half :)
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…My Fit Foodie 15K recap- Tampa StyleMy Profile

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