A Blogger’s Guide To Working With Brands

We’re going to veer off the fitness topics today and talk about blogging and working with brands. If you’re not a blogger, I apologize for the long post! But come back this week for your “regularly scheduled programming.” :)

As you may or may not know, I am a social media consultant, and work with brands in helping them create social media campaigns and connect with bloggers in their niche. I obviously do more than that but the details would bore you haha.

So that is what led me to this post. On a daily basis, I’m perusing groups for links to share on client pages, communicating with bloggers, and setting up campaigns. In my communcations and interactions with bloggers, I’ve learned a few things that might help YOU as a blogger, and has helped me in how I work on my own blog.

The Blogger's Guide To Working With Brands | http://reach-yourpeak.com

Here are a few tips…and some tough love ;)

Set up your “tweet this” button properly

When I’m creating content calendars for clients, and searching for content, I can’t tell you how annoyed I get when I click a “tweet this” button so I can quickly grab a link from a blog post, and the twitter handle is @sharethis or some other generic handle. I then have to search the page for the blogger’s Twitter handle. This is probably my biggest pet peeve. I know other bloggers who have said, “if they don’t have their handle, I won’t share it because I don’t have time to search for their handle.” I do usually just search for the handle, especially if it’s a great piece of content, but it is an extra step. I know it sounds stupid and like, come on Patty just click on the Twitter logo and get their handle…but I know many other bloggers who share this sentiment! Make sure to add your handle to your “click to tweet” buttons.

Get the brand name right

This one seriously boggles my mind. A brand pays a blogger for a sponsored post, yet the brand name is written incorrectly? I know we all make mistakes but please review your post and make sure all brand names and links are correct. Not only am I the only one who has to hear it from the brand, it makes it less likely the brand will work with you again in the future, no matter how good your content or photos are. Double check everything.

Don’t be afraid to ask for compensation

Look, I’m going to be real here. Most brands will not email you and straight up say, “We’ll pay you XYZ.” We want to hear from you first, and see what your media kit and pricing packages look like. I know a lot of bloggers get annoyed when brands send them emails asking for a sponsored post but don’t include info about compensation. Brands want to get in touch with you first, see what you have to say/hear your ideas, review your  media kit, and then make a decision. So next time you get a generic email, just reply and ask if there is a budget for it. We (the brand) won’t be offended, and honestly expect that question. Whether or not it is in our budget is another thing, we (at least my clients) are willing to negotiate and see what we can do to make a partnership happen.

Go above and beyond

Now I’m not saying include all these extras for a lower rate, but when bloggers will continually tweet/pin/share links to our sponsored posts, even months after, that is noticed. When bloggers create detailed content with great images (especially pinnable images), it is noticed. Try to include as much info about the brand or product as possible, not just “check out XYZ, you can order it on their website here.” Make sure you’re telling a story in your post for your readers. Brands will  be looking at how much engagement your post gets (comments, social shares, etc.). These little things will make it much more likely the brand will want to work with you again. Some of my clients work with bloggers month after month because they like their stuff so much. 

That’s all I can think of now, but my number one take away for you is INCLUDE YOUR TWITTER HANDLE. lol. No seriously, my number one tip is to just create awesome content for brands, and trust me, they will want you to work with them regularly. Or perhaps even set up a contract for 6 months, a year, etc.

If you’re a health and fitness blogger, I actually created a Facebook group where you can share any content you want shared by me and my clients. I go through various groups on a daily basis, but figured this would be easier, especially for those who want their content shared. Join the group HERE.

What tips would you add? 

Do you have a blogging pet peeve? :)


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  1. Thank you for the tips! I’m new to blogging and find this super helpful! Just joined your facebook group :)
    Katie @ Adultingdaily recently posted…Hot Yoga on a Cold DayMy Profile

  2. This is really interesting! Of course I had to check my page to make sure my Twitter plugins are working properly! I’ve never asked a brand for a budget…when I get to that point, I’ll be ready! Thanks!
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…ZOOMA Run Love 10K Race RecapMy Profile

  3. great tips for working with brands!
    Mar @ Mar on the Run recently posted…It’s Game On: Week 4 Training RecapMy Profile

  4. Great info!

    The misspellings drive me crazy as well. I sometimes feel like editing is a dead art.
    Jenn recently posted…weekly recap: 2/7 – 2/13My Profile

  5. AWESOME tips! Having the “tweet this” set up is HUGE and one of my biggest pet peeves when bloggers don’t have theirs set up. I really want to share others content but not if I have to spend 5 mins trying to figure it out!
    Annmarie recently posted…Light and Healthy Sautéed Broccolini & MushroomsMy Profile

  6. Great tips! Now I’m off to confirm my share buttons are set up and correct :)
    RFC recently posted…Giving Back: My Experience as a Running CoachMy Profile

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