Spontaneous Trip to Arizona

Dan and I made a decision on the fly last week and flew out to Arizona on Friday. Well, we had talked about it the previous week but just in passing like, “hey the Devils play in Arizona next week we should go.” Then a few days before we started to look into airfare and, obviously, the price had gone up. We figured “oh well.” But then Friday, Dan kept saying how he really wanted to go and I was like you know what…YOLO haha. I told him we knew we would regret it if we didn’t go, especially if we were watching the Devils game on TV. We’d be thinking ugh we should have been there!

So anyway, we said F it and got a flight for Friday afternoon. We got to Phoenix at 7:30 their time. By the time we got our rental car and got to the hotel it was 8:30, aka 10:30 on our clocks. We were so tired but headed out to dinner at The Keg Steakhouse which was DELICIOUS.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.10.51 AM

The next morning, Saturday, we got up and headed to Gila River Arena for the Devils game. We both love checking out new stadiums and arenas, and cheering for the away team ;) The arena, on the inside, actually looked a lot like Prudential Center (where the Devils play), but I wasn’t really impressed by the outside or the concourse.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.12.03 AM

Anyway, the Devils won 2-0! There is this big outdoor entertainment area outside of the arena with a bunch of sports bars. It was so crazy to me that we were sitting at an outdoor bar in t-shirts in January. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.13.14 AM

Afterwards we headed to Scottsdale for dinner and drinks, and to watch the Cardinals game. There were actually a lot of Green Bay Packers fans in town as well for the game.

Sunday was our day to head to the Grand Canyon. I couldn’t even imagine what it would look like. We drove 3.5 hours to get there, and it was interesting how the scenery changed the farther up you drive. It went from desert land with cacti, to snow covered and mountains in the distance. Side note: on our drive out of the city we saw runners running the RnR AZ race…let me know if you were one of them!

This might sound stupid, and was a total traveler’s mistake on my end, but I didn’t think it would be cold there since in Phoenix it was 60s-70s. Then on the drive there I checked the weather and saw it said 22 degrees! So we made a pitstop at a Kohl’s in Flagstaff to get myself a jacket lol.

Part of our drive

Part of our drive

The Grand Canyon was around 7,000 feet elevation, so my ears were popping the whole way there. We got there and our first stop was Desert View Watchtower. We were immediately taken aback by the views and scenery. It really is indescribable. We then drove about 20 miles within the park and stopped at every view point we could.

There was one location with no guard rails, so people were taking photos on this rock on the rim. So we did it too, though it was really scary! The rock did not have good footing, and it was windy. But it made for some amazing pictures:

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.21.23 AM

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.22.01 AM

There truly is nothing like it. I keep saying we need to go back because 1) it was amazing and 2) there was a lot of snow, so we couldn’t do any hiking on the rim trails. Here’s one more pic:

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.35.33 AM

We spent a few hours there exploring and also stayed for the sunset. Then drove all the way back…and ended the night/trip with In n’ Out Burger :) However, I will say I think Shake Shack > In n’ Out Burger…

This trip really motivated me to do more traveling this year. It’s one of my 2016 goals. My friend and I are thinking of heading to Mont Tremblant, Canada in February, then I’ve got a summer trip to Paraguay and Rio…I can’t wait!

Have you been to the Grand Canyon?

Where would you like to travel to this year? My next bucket list US stop would probably be New Orleans or somewhere in Texas :)


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  1. How fun!! Spontaneous trips are the best. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon but it’s definitely on my bucket list. It looks amazing!!
    Ariana recently posted…Plant-Based Sun Butter Energy BallsMy Profile

  2. Spontaneous trips are the best! I really need to get to the Grand Canyon – it looks amazing!
    Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted…Dopey Challenge Race Recap, Part 3My Profile

  3. Looks amazing! I wish we could be that spontanous but with a 7 year old it is impossible!
    Toni @runninglovingliving recently posted…I Can Run!My Profile

  4. Isn’t that drive up to the Grand Canyon amazing? I too was stunned at the change in scenery. And the Grand Canyon itself is just…something else.

    We’re going to try to get a side trip to Yosemite when we travel to California for Big Sur in April! I’m sure you’ll get to read all about it.
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Less is more: Quality race trainingMy Profile

  5. Gorgeous photos! It’s fun to be spontaneous sometimes! The Grand Canyon is amazing, I really need to plan a trip out there!
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…ZOOMA Run Love 10K Training Week 2My Profile

  6. What a fun, spontaneous trip! I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, but that’s on my 2016 or 2017 bucket list!
    Maureen recently posted…Whole30 Round 2, Day 1 {WIAW}My Profile

  7. Spontaneous trips are the best! How fun we used to do stuff like that before kids :) I was at the GC years ago as a kid when I did not really appreciate it
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…QualityMy Profile


    What a great trip! I have never been to the Grand Canyon, although we have been talking about making a trip out there. Probably coupled with Vegas. We shall see!

    So glad you had a great time!
    Jenn recently posted…race report: 13.1 at princess place & 5k {1.9.2016}My Profile

  9. Oh my how fun!! This looks like a great trip!
    Jessica recently posted…Maternity Photos with Sew Trendy and Amanda Nicole PhotographyMy Profile

  10. I think this is one of my favorite parts of being an adult, the fact that we have the ability to say f’ it, let’s go! Thanks for reminding me to be spontaneous sometimes =)
    Becki S recently posted…Stick To Your Guns: Snacking To Lose Weight in 2016My Profile

  11. I love spontaneous trips! Looks like you had a great time :)
    Daisy @ Fit Wanderlust Runner recently posted…Friday Five: My Home Gym Equipment Wish ListMy Profile

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