Something That Scares Me

I’ve had this fear for a while now but something I read today reminded me of it, and I wanted to share to see if any others share this fear.

So I was scrolling through Twitter and found this article called “8 Health Swaps That Aren’t Really Better For You.” I clicked it and found the usual stuff (egg whites vs. eggs, low fat vs. full fat, etc.). Then I read the last one:

Hardcore runners—those who pound pavement at a moderate or fast pace for more than four hours a week—die at rates on par with people who don’t exercise at all, the same study reports. Too much strenuous physical activity (and pretty much all running is strenuous) can cause unhealthy changes to your heart, the study authors say.

I’ve seen this in various places before and bloggers and runners have discussed it. I won’t be stopping my training for half marathons and marathons anytime soon, but what I AM nervous about is this whole heart health thing.

We’ve all read numerous accounts of people having heart attacks or just dropping dead during races. People who were seemingly healthy. THAT is what scares me. Because how do I know if my heart is truly healthy? How does anyone know unless you go get your heart tested?

SIDE NOTE: My brother had to get a cardiology stress test done and I was there to observe – that test is hardcore! You’re running on 12% incline until your heart reaches a certain BPM. And you have to hold onto the treadmill, you can’t run normally. Yikes.

Anyway, I just find it odd that this type of testing is not somethind done at physicals ESPECIALLY for student athletes. I know the cost-aspect of it, but all in all, it just makes me nervous.

Then you read these studies claiming running causes unhealthy changes to your heart…so how will I ever know? 

So that’s that. Just something I wanted to share with you all and get your opinions on. 

What do you think of these study claims?

Do you have any fears relating to exercise or running?


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  1. The only fear I have about running and my health is getting injured, but I do agree that too much of anything can be bad for you. I think it’s all about how you balance things. Are you fueling properly for all that running? Are you resting properly? There are a lot of other factors to consider.
    Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted…Fit, Focused & Fun Finds (from around the web!) #44My Profile

  2. I mean…. it’s a scary thought. It is. And it’s not something we like to think about. However, if we train appropriately and do our best to take care of ourselves, I think our chances are pretty good :)
    Jenn recently posted…race report: evergreen pumpkin run 10 miler {10.25.2015}My Profile

  3. I think that there’s more to fear if you don’t work out. I’m not sure what the “rates” are that the study is referring to but I’m quite sure that 100% of all people die sometime so I’d prefer to maintain my strength, balance, flexibility and have an overall decreased risk of metabolic diseases by keeping up my running :)
    Janice @ Fitness Cheerleader recently posted…Getting the Sleep I Need with Jawbone + Other Things I’m LovingMy Profile

  4. I think if there’s a family history, it’s worth asking your primary care doc to refer you for a stress test. Other than that, I hope you can set the anxiety aside. Or maybe volunteer at your local university as a research subject.
    AlexandraFunFit recently posted…Life is About Experiences, Not StuffMy Profile

  5. Great food for thought. I think rest is important as well as getting a regular check up.
    I think if we take care of ourselves, we are on the right track.
    But very interesting info and it’s def worth researching more. Thanks for sharing!!
    Natalie recently posted…Princess Perfect Birthday, An Awesome GIVEAWAY + Keep Pushing Through The Hard StuffMy Profile

  6. This is such an important topic to bring up and something I worry about as well. I do want to get a stress test done.
    Jessica recently posted…32 Week Bump UpdateMy Profile

  7. If you’re in good health and don’t have any underlying heart conditions/family history of heart disease, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.
    Bri recently posted…Tales from the run: The curmudgeonly old bird manMy Profile

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