Chicago Marathon Training Week 12

Another training week in the books. Felt much better this week! In week 11, I had to take a few days off to recoup mentally and physically. This past week I felt good on all my runs and had a great long run! However, still kinda am doubting how this marathon will go. I just feel like I should be ahead of where I’m at for being at 12 weeks. Though I have seen people who are doing their first 18-20 miler about now, so I keep telling myself I am not that far behind! Will be shooting for 17-18 miles this week.

Here’s how last week went:

Monday: off

Tuesday: 4 miles. I found a new park right by my house! This was a super slow run because I was on trails and ended up running up a mountain (kind of exaggerated but it was a steep hill, and at the top you could see NYC in the distance so it WAS kind of a mountain lol). I was actually pretty sore the next day…is this normal for new trail runners??


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Wednesday: 6 miles. Reaaaal easy. Didn’t wear a watch. It actually felt good to be able to chat with my mom while running – I never can do that! I used to think it was because of my asthma but perhaps I really was running too fast. I mean, multiple times I had to actively slow myself down to get back to an easy pace. I think the cooler weather helped too. Thursday: 14 miles. We meant to do 16 but since we went after work, it got dark. Sunset is now at 7:45, nooooo. I am SO ready for fall and fall weathe, just not for it to get dark earlier and earlier. Overall, I felt awesome on this run BUT afterwards and the day after, my knees were killing me. Not sure why. Took ibuprofen the next day and rested, and was fine by Saturday.


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Friday: off

Saturday: 4 miles

Sunday: 5.5 miles

TOTAL: 33.5 miles

This week I REALLY want to strength train at least twice. I think my mom and I both had knee pain after our long run because we have been neglecting lifting, and therefore our quads are weak. 

Also, I want to get close to 40 miles. I have said that for like 3 weeks now but I want to. I just think it will give me peace of mind.

Runners, when do you “peak” before a week? How many weeks out?

How long do you usually taper? I found in my last marathon that a 10 day taper was perfect. I think this time I’ll do 10-14 days.


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  1. i’ve been doing some short activation exercises pre run and it’s helped a LOT with my knee pain. yay on a really solid week!!
    courtney @ eat pray run dc recently posted…August Marathon Training UpdateMy Profile

  2. So glad you’re finally feeling better about your runs! What is the longest run your planning to do during training? You probably don’t need to go about 20, and you still have plenty of time to get there!
    Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted…Maple Vanilla Almond Butter {vegan, soy free, gluten free}My Profile

    • Yeah I don’t think I’m doing 20. Probably will just do a few 17-18 milers. They say over 3 hours is not beneficial anyway right?

  3. It’s so great you get to do this with your mom. I peak about 3 weeks prior and longest run tends to be 20. Good luck!
    Cristina @triathlonmami recently posted…Life After An IronmanMy Profile

  4. Great to see you are feeling better this week. Looks like you are much closer to your weekly miles goal and your attitude seems much more positive.
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Eggplant “Meatball” GyrosMy Profile

  5. I’m glad you’re feeling better about your training this week!
    Good for you for getting your long run done after work. I might see if I can do my 20 miles after work this week, but it’ll be cutting it close with the sunset for sure!
    Ange @ Cowgirl Runs recently posted…Marathon Training Recap (week 6)My Profile

  6. I’m glad you had a better week! You’ll be fine! I know it! My highest mileage week will be about 38. And I’m ok with that.
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Marathon Training Week 6: Don’t Stop Believin’My Profile

  7. Strength training most certainly impacts our running. Hopefully by fitting some more of it in you’ll feel better about your runs and your knee will feel better too.
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Training Log – Weeks 16 and 17My Profile

  8. Tapering makes me crazy! 1 week. That’s all I’ve ever given to the taper no matter what the distance is.
    jill conyers recently posted…Vitalize Your Body HIIT Workout 9My Profile

  9. I’m glad training is looking up for you! Nice job on getting 14 miles in after work – that’s super impressive! If you taper for 10-14 days, you will definitely have time to get in a 40 mile peak week before Chicago – and you’ve got such a great attitude that you will achieve it!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…The Benefits of High Mileage {Marathon Monday} + Portland Marathon Training Week 13My Profile

  10. nice work on the week. I love that you run with your mom, that’s so sweet :)
    Mar @ Mar on the Run recently posted…Workout Highlights + Adventures in AnnapolisMy Profile

  11. You are absolutely crushing it! I wish you could see how great you were doing and could stop having so many doubts! Hang in there! you’ve got this!
    Jenn recently posted…week in review: 8.23 – 8.29My Profile

  12. You are doing great! I like a 2-3 week taper (mine is usually like 2.5 because I run my long runs during the week LOL). I haven’t figured out taper for this marathon and my taper for my race series will be like 5 days because I need to get in a long run for the marathon…
    MCM Mama Runs recently posted…Final Week of SummerMy Profile

  13. I usually do a 2 week taper and out of 3 marathons I’ve never had more than 35 miles in one week!! Glad you feel like you are getting back on track!! You’ll get there!
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…MCM Training Recap–Week 8My Profile

  14. Great job! I have had some hard training weeks. The rest and recovery you took was obviously needed by your body and the results are evident in this weeks training.
    Toni @runninglovingliving recently posted…I am running the NYC Marathon with #TeamASICSNYCMMy Profile

    • Tahnks Toni! I agree, I think my body needed those 3 days off…as much as I hated being low on miles, I am feeling much better now!

  15. I love that you split your weekly runs into shorter, manageable distances. I sike myself out trying to plan 10 mile runs when I could split that up over a couple of days! Good luck on your race!
    Sharita recently posted…Looking back on my first year as a fitness instructorMy Profile

  16. How wonderful that you got to run with your Mom?! I love that!!
    Great job on a solid week of training!!
    And yes, trail running makes me sore too :)
    Natalie recently posted…Running Again Feels Awesome + Vivaiodays ReviewMy Profile

  17. What you have achived is super impressive. Love your smile , so positive.

  18. The first and only time I’ve trail run I thought I was going to keel over! It was so much different than road races. Looks like a great week of training!
    Becki S recently posted…What the heck is gluten??My Profile

  19. I’m glad you are feeling better about your training this week! I typically do a 2 week taper. For long runs, that looks like a 20 miler 3 weeks out, a 12 miler 2 weeks out, and an 8 miler 1 week out.
    Chrissy @ Snacking in Sneakers recently posted…Recover Right: 5 Inexpensive Post-Run Meals & SnacksMy Profile

  20. Great job on your training week! I usually taper for 2 weeks… and find that it works for me.
    Rachel recently posted…Scenes from the WeekendMy Profile

  21. My tapers definitely range from 9-14 days. You are getting in some great mileage. I definitely hate that it is getting darker earlier now. Not ready for fall! I just love that you run with your mom!
    Sandra Laflamme recently posted…Organic Food Myth Busting Month!My Profile

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