Things Only Runners Will Understand

I’ve written about #runnerprobs before, and wanted to follow up with some more running humor. Some of the tweets and memes I found seriously crack me up! All while I’m thinking, ” so true.” Here are a few things that hopefully put a smile on your face this morning… :)


Yup. Been there…still am there. 4 years after my first marathon and two of my toenails are still messed up!


This one actually made my laugh. As runners we’re always so hard on ourselves after a bad race…I know even when someone says no you did awesome! I’m like, ehhhhhh….


Story of my life every day.



And this is why I have yet to sign up for a spring marathon! I haven’t done much running outside yet :)

Whether it’s running or lifting, I think everyone can relate. Currently, my legs are STILL sore from Monday’s workout!

untitled-12 (1)
The worst!

I don’t think I will ever enjoy running outside in the cold.

No really, props to all you winter runners! Though in late November when it was 35 out I was still wearing shorts for runs. Learned this the hard way after my 2011 NYC Marathon where it was 65 degrees out and I wore long UnderArmour leggings because I thought that was cold -____-

Which one of these can you relate to? 

Fill in the blank: You know you’re a runner when _______________. 


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  1. I would say this as #chicagorunnerprobs wind 10 mph, “feels like temp” of 20. Runners be like YES
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Impatience, Minion Quotes, and Call the MidwifeMy Profile

  2. Haha! Love all of these. Thanks for sharing cause it sure made me laugh today.
    Daisy @ Fit Wanderlust Runner recently posted…15 Facts About MeMy Profile

  3. Haha I love these and can relate to almost all of them (except for running in the snow…not in FL!). Whenever I get a pedicure I have to explain why my feet are so messed up.
    Emily @MyHealthyishLife recently posted…Doing What Scares YouMy Profile

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