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Yesterday I was going to run on the treadmill then do a strength workout. Well, as I’m driving to the gym I realize I forgot a sports bra. The worst! There’s no way I can run without one, so while my mom ran 2 miles as her warm-up I just foam rolled and did some stretching. I decided to add cardio into my strength workout, and came up with this workout below:

I wanted to mainly focus on legs, but did some upper body as well with the presses focusing on shoulders and the rows on my back. I’ve never added in cardio while lifting – I typically just like to lift and do cardio separately…boy, was this killer! I was dripping in sweat. 

Doing intervals of cardio in between lifts is called “cardio accelerations.” According to Men’s Fit Club:

A study done at UCLA (University of California) showed that cardio acceleration delivers better blood flow and gives you a much better pump and also has shown to increase the rate of recovery because of the addition nutrients and oxygen pumped into the muscles. 

Cardio acceleration intervals also create that afterburn everyone always talks about. If you’re not keen on doing treadmill intervals or hill sprints as “HIIT,” then this type of workout is perfect for you!

The step-ups were done on a bench with no added weight – just do them as fast as you can. Harder than it sounds! For the last round, where I wrote cardio of your choice, I did stair sprints. 

I think I am going to start doing this type of workout more often, since I think it will have a benefit for me as a runner as well. Not only will I be burning extra calories, I’ll be doing plyometric/explosive type movements as cardio, which will make me a stronger runner.

Have you added in cardio intervals to your strength workouts? What’s your favorite way? I hate mountain climbers!!


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  1. Oh no! At least you didn’t forget your shoes too. You would’ve really been screwed then :) Hah!
    Jessie recently posted…Babies Update: 31 Weeks & 3 DaysMy Profile

  2. Bummer about no sports bar, but looks like you made up the running with your workout!
    Tiara recently posted…Holiday Stocking Stuffers 2014My Profile

  3. I’ve done it with a leg workout. Absolutely hated it! Lol Well hated it at the time but felt great when I was done. :)
    Daisy @ Fit Wanderlust Runner recently posted…My Go-To Songs for Workout MotivationMy Profile

  4. I loved seeing this workout on your IG yesterday–as I said then, it is actually something very similar to what I am doing with a client right now! We soooooo gooood!
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Thanksgiving Menus x3 (Dinner, Leftovers, Brunch!) #WIAWMy Profile

    • Do you have any ideas for more cardio moves to do between workouts? In a small space & that don’t involve a treadmill?

  5. I rarely do cardio other than running and spinning. But yesterday I did a little circuit and loved it so I might try to incorporate it more often. This looks great!
    Emily @MyHealthyishLife recently posted…WIAW: Day in the LifeMy Profile

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