Checking In On My New Year’s Goals

Can you believe it’s almost November?! The holiday season is upon us. I really need to start Christmas shopping early this year. I always end up getting stuff days before Christmas…anyone else?

Since it’s almost the end of the year (feels weird saying that), I wanted to check in on the goals I had set in January, (here are my race goals too) and see what I’ve accomplished and what is still left to accomplish. After all, we still have 2 more months of 2014!

Here are some goals I had laid out, and which ones I have accomplished so far!

fitness goals

While I can’t do 3 unassisted pull-ups in a row, I can do 3 unassisted…just with a little break in between ;) I will work on doing 3 continuous pull-ups between now and December 31.

I also was able to get to a 100 lb. squat this year! I know for many of you that may be easy but I worked up to that and felt awesome afterwards. I can’t do that now, since I’ve mainly been running, but I know that I can build back up to it.

Obviously I’m also still working on that 5K PR…which better happen in 2014!

Mini triathlon? lol maybe next year. I really do want to do one but I’m also afraid of the swim portion. I’m not a great swimmer…also, I’m pretty sure I need a bike in order to train for a triathlon.

You can see I put “1/2″ on the gain muscle and get leaner. While I have gained muscle and strength, I’m still not as lean as I would like to me. It is my own fault, since I know that diet plays a huge role and you can’t “out work a bad diet.” I am hoping I can lose at least 5-10 lbs. within the next 2 months.

And lastly, I was able to get stronger at bench press earlier this year too. Remember when I was doing the Get Swole program? I was lifting the heaviest I  have been in a while. I plan on getting back to it once I’m done training for this half.

And here are a few other goals I had talked about, non-fitness related:

  • Blog re-design & transfer to - check!
  • Finish online training plans to offer through my website - oops, not yet.
  • Read a minimum of 5 books - check! I think I read 4 in Paraguay alone.
  • Make more YouTube videos - I set a goal of doing one every week which I did for about a month and then slacked off. This will be a 2015 goal too!

Have you thought about your 2014 goals? You may be surprised when you look back on them and see what you’ve accomplished!

What are some goals you’re still working on?


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  1. I am totally a last minute christmas shopper. I really wish I could be one of those people who sees the perfect gift throughout the year and picks it up but I just don’t think that will ever happen for me.
    Great idea to check in on your goals at this time, I should look back at my New Years resolutions. I know running a marathon was my top one and should have that checked off by this weekend!
    Jen @ Pretty Little Grub recently posted…October Beauty FavouritesMy Profile

  2. So I’ve been really wanting to switch over to WordPress and get a design going too. Did you do it yourself or hire someone? I attempted to learn but got so confused! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated :)
    Daisy @ Fit Wanderlust Runner recently posted…When Life Gets In The Way…My Profile


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