Philly Half Marathon Training Week 10

Wow I’m at week 10 already! I realize that my training recaps will be longer than a usual half marathon training program. That’s because training for this half isn’t my only goal. Marc and I started working together with the goal of breaking my 5K PR and getting faster…and hopefully running a half marathon PR too! I’m recapping the weeks of training that lead up to this half, but it isn’t necessarily a half marathon training plan. Does that make sense?

Okay here’s what I did last week:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 1 mile warm up, 5×2:30 min. at 5K goal pace (8:00-8:10) with 2 min. jog in between, 1 mile cool down. This was tough but felt really good! My mom and I did this on the track so we could keep track of our pace and distance better.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Ran an easy 4 miles with a friend.

Friday: 8 miles. Longest run since last November!! We felt really good even though it was a hilly route. Averaged 10:15 per mile. I sped up the last mile and ran in 9:09. Great fall run :)



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I did my long run on Friday because Saturday I had a XC meet in PA, so our bus left at 6:30 AM. Once I got back I went right to Rutgers for the football game against Michigan. Our first Big 10 win!



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So yeah no running on Saturday.

Sunday: Didn’t run. I had felt a tickle in my throat on Friday and by Sunday I was just feeling pretty sick and congested. Well, I still am because I took a sick day today.

At least today is a “cross training” day so I don’t feel as guilty skipping it. I just feel so stuffy and tired. My eyelids feel so heavy. I’m all about resting when you need to – no need to force in workouts.

How was your weekend? Anything fun? Next weekend is me and Dan’s 6 year anniversary :-O!


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  1. All I did was a six mile run followed by lots of vegging out watching Gilmore Girl reruns on Netflix. Congrats on your anniversary coming up.
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