Philly Half Marathon Training Week 6

Skipped some runs this week, not gonna lie, but had an awesome long run yesterday and am feeling good! Last week was incredibly busy for me so I did what I could.

Here’s how last week went:

Monday: Scheduled –> 35 min. XT + 25 min. strength. Actual –> Took off. 

Tuesday: Scheduled–> 3 mile fartlek run. Actual –> I took a 45 minute. battle ropes/tabata class as part of my SweatPink ambassadorship, so I counted it as XT…stay tuned for the review!

Wednesday: Scheduled –> Day off. Actual –> Obviously took off ;)

Thursday: Scheduled –> 3 mile run. Actual –> 2 mile run + lifting. Felt awful. The heat and humidity got to me AND I was not the best with nutrition that day. Let’s just say the night before I ate multiple cookies, and during the day on Thursday I had multiple cookies…what a horrible run. Can you tell I have a sugar problem? We did lift so at least that got done!

We did:

  • Bench press
  • DB squats
  • DB deadlift
  • DB reverse lunges
  • Cable tricep pressdown
  • One arm cable rows

Friday: Scheduled –> 3 mile run. Actual –> 3 mile run. Felt good despite the humidity. Actually felt really good. It was a later run (7 pm) so that might be why. I also had my first XC meet as a coach this day and it went well! So proud of my runners. Here is part of the men’s team warming up:

Saturday: Scheduled –> 35 min XT + 25 lifting. Actual –> 30 minutes of tennis with my mom (as XT). The tennis bug has definitely bit us after watching the US Open live! There was also a Rutgers game (season opener) so that’s where I was during the day…so pumped football season is here, and that Rutgers will be playing in the Big Ten!

Sunday: Scheduled –> 6 miles. Actual –> 6 miles. Felt awesome! I was kind of dreading this run but it turned out to be a great run with my mom. Kept it below 11 min./mile which for us, right now, means we are slowly getting back into shape!

I just checked my training calendar for the next two weeks that Coach Marc laid out, and I’m excited! Finally some tempo runs and track workouts. I love track workouts. Tempo runs…not so much…but I like that they make me faster and a stronger runner.

I’m still on my runner’s high from my 6 mile run earlier. Finally feels good to be running again, as opposed to trudging along hating the fact that I feel so out of shape.

Are you running any fall races?

What is your college alma mater? Any RU alums reading? :)


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