Philly Half Marathon Training Week 4

Okay so…training hasn’t been going exactly as planned.

This past week I’ve been moving and it took up more time than I had thought it would. For some reason in my mind I thought you just move a bunch of stuff in, take a day to organize and you’re set. NOPE.

So I haven’t gotten a ton of runs in. But here is what I did last week:

Monday: Upper body strength training + 20 min. bike. I’ve been doing a strength training routine with my sister and her goal has been to get stronger at bench press. It’s crazy how your body gets stronger every week. The first week she could only do 4-5 reps of just the bar, and in this 4th week she was easily doing 10 reps of just the bar for a few sets and then adding 5 lbs.!

Tuesday: Off because of 5K on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Impromptu 5K (here’s the recap). I found this on Monday. It’s a local 5K and it was only $10 so why not?! It’s just a bunch of runners who get together to run on an XC course. I forgot how tough it is to run cross country. My mom and sister came too. I felt strong throughout but finishing in 30:44. That’s faaaarrrr from my PR of 25:43…but I’m hoping to get back into that kind of shape with Coach Marc


 Thursday: Off (moving stuff, cleaning, etc.)

Friday: 3 mile run. I found a lake in my area that is a great place to run – I’m excited to go there more often. 1 loop is 2.6 miles which is perfect! Good for doing a short 3 miler or a longer run too.


 Saturday: 30 min. XT (swimming). Went to the pool with my mom to swim laps. I did a 2 laps with the kickboard and 3 laps normal swimming. I really don’t know how all your triathletes do this because I swim from one end to the other and need a break to catch my break! Added in some pull-ups on the diving board for some strength training :)

Sunday: Was supposed to do 4.5 miles but was out all day buying supplies and what not for my apartment. Sorry Marc!

Oh I also got new sneakers this week! Is there anything better than getting a brand new pair of running shoes?


 I love my New Balance shoes. My last pair was the first time I’ve bought NB and I don’t think I’m going to switch again. I have absolutely no issues with them. Please, please, please do not do an upgrade and totally change them!

What is your favorite brand of running sneakers?

Do you prefer trail running or running on pavement? There are some trails by me now but I’m kinda nervous to run on them!


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  1. Great week of training and I love your new shoes. I am a Brooks girl, I am wearing the ghost model now and really like them. I like running trails, I have recently gotten into trail running and its a nice change of pace!
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    • I’m excited for my trail run this weekend with my mom – I’ll keep you posted on how it goes! Hopefully I don’t sprain an ankle or something :)

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