NJ Trail Series 5K Recap

Yesterday I ran a 5k with my mom and sister. I only found out about it Monday but it was only $10 and by my new apartment so I really wanted to run it.

The race itself was held in Central Park of Morris Plains. The course was deemed a cross country course, which I was excited for. It’s actually at the old Greystone Psychiatric Hospital complex, which you may recognize if you watch House!


I’m so mad I only just found out about this because turns out they were having these races all summer as part of an XC series. I’m definitely going to run more of these next year.

The course was tricky. I hadn’t run on uneven ground like that in years. It had some steep hills but was mostly flat or downhill.

The race started at 6:45 pm. I’m a fan of those evening races!

I think I paced myself pretty evenly. I did take some walk breaks after hills. I know I’m way out of shape but I felt decently strong. You know what’s disappointing is when you feel strong the whole way and then hear your finish time :(

But I’m happy I got to run a 5k and see what my baseline is. I really want to improve and get back to where I used to be. This weekend calls for a 5 mile run and I’m ready! Maybe I’ll go to a local trail to do that.

Overall it was fun running with my mom and sister. It was my sister’s first 5k and she was kind of disappointed with her results but I told her she has to keep running. Whether she does or not…who knows… :)

OH and also, they provided snacks (like cookies!!) and beer after. I wish this continued into the fall!

Here’s us post-race:


There is one more race next week, so maybe I’ll do it again. I’ll have to speak to Coach Marc about it.

Also, I need new running sneakers bad. But…I also don’t want to spend a lot of money since I just moved. Major #runnerprobs!

Have you ran a 5k lately?
Have you ever felt strong in the race and then felt disappointed with your time?


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