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Can you believe August is over already? (Cue song August Is Over). I’m so ready for fall though. Surprisingly it’s been an okay summer temperature wise, but I just love the crisp fall weather. Plus, it’s perfect running weather.

Speaking of running, here is today’s featured link:

Featured: 6 Ways To Learn To Pace Yourself (Run To The Finish)

6 ways to learn to pace yourself_thumb[2]

These are great tips, especially if you have problems pacing myself (I still do sometimes). I like her tip about running with music so you’re more in tune with your breathing and effort…though I hate running without music for this very reason! :)

  • College Apartment Kitchen Shopping List (Lean Clean Brie) – Whether you’re in college or not this list will help you. I just moved into a new apartment, so I’ll be taking this on my first grocery shopping trip.
  • How To Work Out For Free (Nolie’s Place) – Working out doesn’t mean you need a gym membership. There are plenty of ways to be active for free.
  • Training Burnout (You Signed Up For What?!) – Such a great post that talks about exactly how I felt after NYC Marathon in November. Remember – it’s JUST a race!!
  • Training Tweaks For More Muscle Definition (Workout Nirvana) – Bookmarking this for myself because I really want to have more definition in my arms! I know I’m way stronger than I’ve ever been, but really want to see my triceps (as opposed to the “bat wings”)

Do you have a body part you’re working on for more definition?


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  1. August is over already?!! Says who, I still have 11 days left and I’m not ready to believe fall is coming. Talk about giving a girl a heart attack first thing in the morning. But on a better note – I do love the links you shared!

  2. wohhhaa there august still has 11 days left and I plan to use them all :) thanks for the feature!!
    Amanda – RunToTheFinish recently posted…How to pace yourself while running outsideMy Profile

  3. Thanks for mentioning my Training Burnout post – I am gung-ho right now but ask me in mid-September if I have Training Burnout and remind me to check my OWN post for tips! Ha!
    Cynthia @ You Signed Up For WHAT?! recently posted…5 Tips for Keeping Your Style Fresh Without Breaking the BudgetMy Profile

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