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I’ve seen other bloggers do “day in the life” posts and I always like reading them…it’s interesting seeing how other people spend their days and what they do…or is that just me?

So I wanted to write my own on a whim and I hope some of you will use this as a blog post idea and go with it too! I’d love to see what your day looks like :)

Here’s my day this past Tuesday:

7:00 AM – Alarm goes off. I hit snooze. I always budget in one 10 minute snooze…Usually I’m up at 7:45 but I have an 8 AM cross country practice this morning.

7:10 AM – Actually get out of bed. My routine is brush my teeth, wash my face, put my contacts in, get dressed and then head downstairs.

7:25 AM – Breakfast. Today it’s scrambled egg whites with spinach and an orange. But usually I eat hard boiled eggs in my car on my way to work. Had time to actually sit down and eat today!

7:50 AM – Leave my house to go to practice at a local park. Practice starts at 8, and I just have them do a easy 4 mile loop.

9:20 AM – Leave the park to head to work. I work at my local community college in the Athletics department. I love that they gave me 4 polo shirts that I can alternate on days I’m too lazy to figure out what to wear…like today!


9:30 AM – Sit down at my desk and catch up on emails and social media. I’m not one of those people who sits down and gets to work right away. I need some time to get in the zone and wake up a little. I used to have a classmate in grad school who would worked with me and as soon as I walked through the door in the morning (no joke bags and lunch box still in hand) she’d give me a list of things we needed to complete that day. Let me settle in first!

10:15 AM – Writing this blog post, and then working on client’s twitter account. Also catching up on work emails and send a coaching email to my team regarding what their running mileage should look like this week.

11:07 AM - Finish writing an article I plan to sell, thanks to a workshop I recently took on this topic. I’ll let you know how that goes :) In between this time and when I leave I’m at the front desk answering questions from students and working on flyers for our department.

So this all happened on Tuesday right? The day before men’s and women’s soccer practice started. And students are coming in to pick up paperwork (like physical papers) because they want to go to try-outs the next day. Why did you wait until the very last minute?!?

12:30 PM – Leave work and drive home. Currently my commute is about 20 minutes, but I’m moving soon and my commute will turn into 40 minutes :’( I love my commute. It’s just one straight long road home passing a few farms. I never have to worry about traffic. And this is also one of my favorite roads to run on.


1:00 PM – Get home and eat lunch before a 1:30 phone call with a client.

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM – Phone call

2:30 PM – Work on schedule tweets for myself and my clients. My Tweetdeck is out of control. I think I have almost 30 columns on the web version and then even more on my desktop. Hey, gotta track #runnerprobs! :) Work on posting that previous article I talked about to try to sell it.


 4:00 PM - Head out for a run with my mom. We did 3 miles and it was so humid from the storms were were about to get. But got it done nonetheless. 


4:45 PM - Drive to the gym with my sister to do our leg day workout. Squats, leg curls, leg press, and hip raises.



6:00 PM - Get back home & take a quick shower so I can go to happy hour with a friend!

6:35 PM - Get to happy hour. My best friend and I catch up for a few hours over half priced martinis and guac. I had a “Grapefruit Gimlet” that was delicious! Tequila, grapefruit juice, elderflower liquer (What is this??) and something else. I want to try re-creating this drink this weekend so if anyone can tell me where to get this elderflower stuff and what it is I’d appreciate it ;)

20140812_191045 (1)

9:30 PM - Get home and watch “The Private Life Of Deer” on Netflix with my sister because we were curious about it. Pretty interesting though we didn’t end up watching the whole thing. Then watched How I Met Your Mother.

11:05 PM - Pass out.

Exciting life I live right?? Most of my day is spent on my computer doing client and blog work. So I really need to be better about reading at night instead of watching Netflix…it can’t be good for my eyes! But sometimes I just need a good laugh from How I Met Your Mother…

What does a day in your life look like? Write a post and leave the link in a comment!

What is the one show that will always make you laugh out loud? For me it’s HIMYM and Friends :)


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