Warm-Up Drills For Runners

Guess what?? I actually got up and ran this morning! If you’ve been reading my blog, you may know that I always say I am NOT a morning person. I have way more energy in the evenings and am a definite night owl. Well, last night I was exhausted and went to bed at 10, and ended up getting up before my alarm this morning so I went for a run. It actually does feel good to be done with my run for the day…maaaybbeeee I’ll consider doing it again tomorrow ;)

Anyway, today I wanted to post warm-up drills for runners. I do this before all of my runs, and have been having my cross country team perform these drills as well. I’ll add video tutorials after the image in case you’re not familiar with some of them.

Warm-Up Drills For Runners

So you’ll do each of these for about 50 meters on the track before moving onto the next exercise. It should take 5-8 minutes total.

A-skips are like high-knees but you’re focusing more on driving the knee up rather than moving rapidly. Here’s a video:

Mummy walk is simply where you walk forward and bring up your leg. Try to tough your opposite hand to your opposite toes. You’ll feel this in the hamstrings. Don’t do it with force and strain a muscle. Stay nice and controlled; it’s okay if you can’t touch your toes.

Who doesn’t love cariocas??

With the low squat you get into squat position and walk laterally (to the side). Stay in the squat position the whole way, then switch sides.

Lastly we have the hip flexor opener. I couldn’t find a video showing exactly what I do. So I’ll try to explain it and then show you a video that is kind of similar.

Basically, you pick your knee up as high as you can, then move your knee out to the side 90 degrees, put your leg down and repeat on the other side. It is as if you are picking up your leg to go over and around a hurdle. So foot and knee up, knee out and around, foot down.

This video kind of shows it but she is using hurdles.

If you have any questions about any of these, feel free to tweet me! (@PattyRivas13). I’m awful at explaining things so it is very possible I don’t make any sense here ;)

Do you do a dynamic warm-up? What exercises do you do?


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  1. Would you suggest doing these before a long run too or is there a different type of warm-up I should do for long runs (13+ miles)?

    • Yes definitely do them before a long run! It’s a good way to warm up your hips and major muscle groups. I do this warm up before all types of runs. And obviously after long runs get in a good stretch. I also like to do some of these after a run too, like the mummy walk, because it’s a good, dynamic way to stretch out your hamstrings and hip flexors which will certainly be tight after a long run.

  2. I need to incorporate a better warm up routine into my running, I’m so glad I saw this!
    Heather @ No Bologna recently posted…Dragon BloodMy Profile

  3. I REALLY need to warm up better. It’s something I really have to be intentional about! I’ve already bookmarked this post, and I’m planning on using some of these videos tonight before my run! Thank you for posting xx
    Katherine recently posted…#SorryNotSorryMy Profile

    • let me know if you try it! I need to be better about it too. I try to do this warm up regularly but some days I’m like F it I just am going to start running lol

  4. These are great exercises, I do most of these before running…I was so excited when I could finally reach my butt when doing butt kicks! :)
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…City Fit Girls and Rock & Roll Philly Half Training: Week 5 RecapMy Profile


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