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You may have seen on Instagram that over the weekend I got my training log from running coach Marc Pelerin, owner of Train With Marc. He’s also now in my sidebar, so click over to be taken to his coaching website!

I used to (literally) train with Marc, and he provided me with a running plan for over 2 years. He got me through my first half-marathon and marathon!


I’m excited to start working with him again, and along with that, he will be posting here 1-2 times a month with special running tips and guides for you all. He is so knowledgeable and experience, so hopefully now I can break my 5K PR ;)

So today I get back to running and lifting. Last week I went to the gym to lift for the first time in about a month and I was SO SORE for 2 days. Needless to say, I felt out of shape…and yeah it’s time to get back into my routine.

I haven’t seriously ran in a few months. In the early spring I was running up to 4-5 miles with my dad because we thought we were doing a July half marathon which ended up getting canceled. Now I am planning on training for the Philly Half Marathon (anyone else running?).

My main goal is to break my 5K PR this fall. I want to train to get faster. I know this will help me be faster overall and hopefully run a faster half marathon and (eventually) full marathon. I know I had mentioned running a fall marathon but my mom and I decided to just wait until next year. It’s a lot of time and sacrifice and I wanted a break from super long runs.

We also were really hoping we would run NYC Marathon again next year but looks like we won’t complete our 9+1. We were away or busy during recent races and we would need to run literally every race left on their schedule. But this gives us a chance to experience a new fall marathon next year!

Schedule for this week:

Monday: Chest & back

Tuesday: Legs

Wednesday: Shoulders

Thursday: HIIT maybe?

Friday: Off

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Off

Running will be included throughout the week – just not sure yet…depends on my schedule once I get it!

I really cannot wait to get back into running. I know at first it will be hard after taking so much time off but hopefully I won’t be too sore. Oh yeah, and I’m also going to 3 weeks of physical therapy for my shin issues, so maybe I can fix or alleviate those issues early on before real training starts.

What is your current training schedule?

What’s your next race?


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