Oakley Mini 10K Recap

First off, you may (or may not) notice that I am not starting off Monday with my usual Monday Motivation posts. I think I’m going to retire those for now. But I do plan on replacing with weekly training recaps now that I will start running more and training for some more races, especially a half marathon! Do you guys like reading others’ training recaps?

Anyway, this weekend I ran the Oakley Mini 10K with my mom. It was our first NYRR race of the year…and it was awesome!

We were not trained for this at all. We haven’t been running much. I mean, we’ve still been exercising daily, but it’s consisted mostly of lifting, and cardio workout videos. It’s been fun to switch things up.

So yeah, I knew going into it that it’d be tough. But I was excited because it was also our first 10K! I think I was a bit too excited though because I only for 4 hours of sleep the night before. I could not fall asleep for the life of me. I even tried following my own sleeping tips. Nothing worked. At least I wasn’t going for a PR or anything or else I’d be even more frustrated.

We got up at 5 am and drove into NYC. The race started in Columbus Circle, made it’s way up Central Park west, then we did pretty much a full loop of the park. I’ve never ran the loop in that direction (clockwise), since most NYRR 4 mile races are counter-clockwise, so it was a nice change. Here’s us in the first mile (not sure what’s up with my arm):


Our way up the west side was a steady, slight incline the whole way…pretty much a mile. Even though the park is known to be hilly, I was excited to enter the park so get some rolling hills.

I felt fine until about 3.5 miles. Around 3 miles my mom was pulling away from me. She felt good so I let her go…though I wish I had brought headphones, because it was about to be a rough rest of the way!

Right before mile 4 I got a little dizzy. It was weird. So I stopped to walk through the water stop. After that came a pretty significant climb. I walked up that hill, probably for a good 2-3 minutes. I was feeling defeated, but then I told myself to get over it and get moving.

From mile 4-6.2 I decided to do intervals. I knew I couldn’t hold a steady jog at a consistent pace, so I started running as fast as I could for 1 minute, then walking for 1 minute. Hey, I was still doing some miles around 10:45 so I’ll take it!

At mile 5 there was a pretty big cheering crowd so I got pumped up and tried to run as far as I could before walking again. Then I saw a sign for 800 meters to go and started running. I told myself I’d run to the end. I saw my sister right before the finish line and tried to speed up (to no avail). I was beat! I crossed the finish line though! Completed my first 10k!

My mom finished in 1:03 and I’m so proud of her! She had minor surgery in May and was not able to exercise for a month, so she has only been running for a few weeks. I finished in 1:08. 11 minutes per mile. I’ll take it for not being prepared. Plus, it was my first 10K so it’s automatically a PR right??!

We also got medals!


It was such a great race. The crowd support really helped throughout the tough hills of Central Park. The all-women atmosphere was inspiring. It just felt great running with about 6,000 other women on a Saturday morning. At one point, this woman told me it was her first time ever running 6 miles…good for her!

I definitely plan on running this again next year. And it also lit a fire in me to run a better 10k, and run one soon! I can’t wait to break that PR. I may or may not have found my new favorite race distance ;)

Oh, also one last random question. I saw this woman (who was wearing a birthday girl sash) right at the end with 400 meters to go. She started to walk, and I wanted to tap her and say, “Come on let’s bring this in together!” But I didn’t know if that’d be considered supportive or creepy? What do you think? I know I’d like it and it’d get me to push myself ’till the end. Thoughts?

Okay, sorry for such a long post, but it was just a great day. Can’t wait to complete our other 8 races so we can qualify for the 2015 NYC Marathon!

Did you run the Oakley Mini 10K? What did you think?

What’s your favorite race distance?


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  1. i think it would’ve been supportive! as long as you are smiling and upbeat! :)
    Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC recently posted…Guest Post: Benefits of Personal TrainingMy Profile

  2. I think just over an hour sounds awesome! Nice job to you and your mom. Plus you looked cute- that counts for something right?
    Annie Brees recently posted…Muscle Confusion Training: Fact or Fiction?My Profile

  3. Glad you were able to push through! I’ve been there, it’s tough! So much buzz around the Oakley – has me thinking about a trip to NYC next year!
    SC recently posted…Pardon My Streaking!My Profile

  4. Great job, especially on little training. You and your mom are so cute in that last picture!! My favorite distance to race is the half marathon, although, I have only done 2 shorter distance races…I tend to take a while to warm up so 5ks are really hard for me, but I have to start getting better at them! :) Have a great week!
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…Father’s Day and the Weekly Wrap UpMy Profile

    • I warm up after a bit too which is why I think I now like the 10k. I do like how fast a 5k is over though haha…though it is tough to maintain a faster speed even if it’s only for 3.1 miles!

  5. Great job!!! It sounds like you had an awesome race. Pushing through the mental barriers during a race is something to be proud of too. I love the 10k, it’s a perfect distance. Not too short that you’re going all out the whole time, but not too long that you get sick of running for so long. Congrats!
    Courtney @The TriGirl Chronicles recently posted…Countdown to IMCuse – Week 15 RecapMy Profile

    • I agree – I think I found my new favorite distance. It was 5K but I like that 10K is longer but not as long as the half marathon.

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