World Cup Workout!

So my blog is back up and running. Yesterday it was down for most of the day. That’s never happened to me so I was freaking out about it since I know nothing about WordPress. Turns out my hosting provider had some outages? Anyway…

The World Cup is finally here! My family and I will be in Rio de Janeiro in about 3 weeks. We tried to get tickets to the quarterfinal game through the FIFA lottery but sadly did not =( It will still be awesome to be there during the quarterfinal game! I have never been to Rio, so I can’t wait to explore. Look at how beautiful it looks!


Well since today is the opening ceremonies, I figured I’d give you a little soccer drill inspired workout. If you do this 5 times through, with a 1 minute break in between, it will be about a 15 minute workout. Which means it’s a great cardio finisher after strength training, or use it after a run. These plyo moves are great for runners! Read on for more directions.


*Repeat 4-5x through with 1 min. break in between*

Box Jumps - I don’t mean your traditional box jumps (jumping up onto a box). I want you to use cones, draw, or just use imaginary cones to make a square. For 30 seconds, jump in a square, on each of those points, as fast as you can. Trust me, it’s harder than it sounds!

Squat Jumps - Squat down and jump up as high as you can. Or to make it harder, jump up as high as you can while also bringing your knees up.

Lateral Jumps - Use an object like a broom stick to start, or a foam roller if you want it higher, and laterally jump over it as many times as you can. This is a great exercise for runners too since you’re working different muscles by moving side to side. Once you get more adept, you can use objects that are higher, like a low bench. I’m definitely not there yet!

Let me know if you try this out!

Which do you prefer? World Cup or Olympics?


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  1. I would definitely go Olympics. I’m not a soccer fan although I’m sure the energy at the World Cup would convert me pretty quickly.
    Jen @ pretty little grub recently posted…New York City Marathon TrainingMy Profile

  2. this is my kind of workout!! being a soccer player, im slightly giddy and even more obsessed that its world cup season. go team USA!
    Kat recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #21My Profile

  3. I hope you enjoy Rio!
    Cassi recently posted…A Stoney WalkMy Profile

  4. I would probably pick the Olympics but going to either event would be awesome! So fun that you get to spend 3 weeks in Rio! Have a blast :)
    Sun recently posted…There’s Something for Everyone at the YMCAMy Profile

  5. Thank you Patti so much for this awesome cardio set! It is my first year coaching high school soccer, and I desperately need all of the resources I can get!
    Please stop by my new blog at


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