Motivational Monday!

I had such a relaxing weekend and am ready to tackle this upcoming week. Last week, I mentioned being unhappy with myself. I had lost motivation to run and eat right. But I’m working on getting back on track. This week, my mom and I start a 5K training plan to get faster, and this weekend we also started a nutrition plan which I’ll be reviewing at the end of the month.

5K PR I’m coming for you!

I thought that this picture was perfect for how I’ve been feeling recently (and a great reminder):


In terms of the weekend, I ran my worst 5K ever…but I still had fun! It was a hot race since it started at 12:15, and a hilly course. I actually almost backed out of it because my mom wasn’t around to run or watch the race. But I went anyway and despite a disappointing time, it felt good to get out there and run again.

I also relaxed by a lake with my best friend this weekend. Sometimes all we need is some girl talk :)

Here are my workout plans for this upcoming week:

Monday: Chest/back

Tuesday: Hill workout

Wednesday: Leg day

Thursday: Easy run

Friday: Off

Saturday: Easy run

Sunday: Long-ish run

What are your workout plans this week?

Do you sometimes lose motivation randomly?


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