Lately, I have not been the best with eating. In fact, for weeks now I just haven’t cared as much. I mean, I haven’t been eating like total garbage. I eat a pretty healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s just what’s been had in between those meals that hasn’t been great. And it seems months of being lax has caught up to me. I’m just not happy with myself now.

I know I did this to myself. It’s my own fault considering I’m the one who decides what goes into my body. I’ve definitely eaten too many cookies, too much ice cream…too many sweets in general. Each week I try to eat better, but my sweet tooth has just gotten the best of me. I can’t control it. Has this happened to anyone else?

Anyway, this weekend I went out with friends and we took a bunch of pictures, and I just was not happy at all with how I looked. Once I saw the pictures, I felt self conscious about how I looked, and the next day I thought, “I really need to make a change.” Those pictures just made me feel…gross, for a lack of a better word.

I know that if someone, such as a client, was telling me this, I would tell them not to be so hard on themselves. I mean, how many times have we seen this quote?


But at the same time, I just know I need to make a change. This is probably the heaviest I have been…and it’s definitely not muscle. My workouts have been great. I mean, I exercise pretty much every day. But you know that saying about how you can’t out exercise a bad diet? Yeah, it’s true.

This weekend I ordered a nutrition plan to get back on track. I will let you guys know which one it is and my thoughts once I get it. I want to do a full review of it myself before I post about it.

How can I be so motivated workout-wise, but just not at all nutrition-wise? Why is eating clean so hard? Especially after you’ve fallen off the wagon. I’d like to lose 10 lbs, since that is about what I have gained. But ideally, I just want to feel comfortable with myself again! I just wanted to get this off my chest and see what your thoughts are. Any tips would certainly be appreciated.

Have you gone through something similar before?

How do you bounce back after falling off, whether it’s with exercise or nutrition?


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  1. I”m sorry that you feel this way, girl. It’s a vicious cycle, too, because once you start to see it, it effects your mentality and makes you even more apt to fall down again. I think that you have to remember that you have conquered the mountain before, as it were, and that you can do it again if you put your mind to it. Summer is difficult because you are so often in situations of over indulging, but you are also so physically exposed. This weekend I definitely over did it, and I have a feeling that I will be doing the same this week as well, as we are on vacation. But I hope that when I come back, I can reset.
    As you get your act back together, don’t focus on a superficial outcome, focus on something experiential, or give yourself a timeline. Light a fire underneath you to get going. You’ll get you “oomph” back, you’ve just got to want it and commit to it.

    • Thanks Susie!! I really appreciate your comment. Your’e right about summer being a difficult time. I am not looking forward to when it’s beach weather! Currently my time line to lose a few lbs is before my trip in about a month. I think that’s feasible, so we’ll see what I can do by then!

  2. Same. I’d like to lose 10 pounds, too. Some of my clothes recently felt tighter and that’s the warning sign for me. I’m also good at eating healthy meals most of the time, but I think I’ve been eating too large a portion and snacking too much. Maybe this type of thing just goes in waves for people–other times my weight isn’t as issue at all and I feel like a well oiled machine.
    Nora recently posted…First Attempt at Speed Work (Post-Injury)My Profile

    • Yes you’re so right, it is in waves. I’m in a rut right now but we both can get out of it! Snacking and large portions are what gets me too. I need to stop snacking on sweets!

  3. ha this has always been my battle, I love getting physical, but I started with that before nutrition so I do somethings think I’m trying to out run poor choices :) then I have to really look at how I’m doing and recognize that I’m still making a lot of really good choices and focusing on those seems to help me get back on track a little more too
    Amanda – RunToTheFinish recently posted…The 9 Biggest Reasons to Embrace Solo RunningMy Profile

  4. just saw your post on my blog — try a cleanse, girl! it really did help me shake a few cravings and it honestly goes by so quickly that i didn’t find it super hard! good luck — you’ve got this!
    Courtney @ Eat Pray Run, DC recently posted…Juice Cleanse Review + Giveaway!My Profile

    • Thanks! I’m considering it…the 3 days scares me! But perhaps I will…I’ll keep you posted!

  5. I think it’s great you are posting your struggle, it’s a great way to throw the accountability out there and receive support. :) I think we all have fallen off the wagon at one point or another. Right after I finished my P90X3 challenge I was doing so great, got great results, and was killing it in nutrition and fitness. Then I don’t know what happened but I am just adding things in to my diet that don’t need to be there. I started up another challenge, T25, and feel like it is helping me to get back on track. Though I have been derailed with a bad stomach bug I am hoping when I am ready to eat again I just start out making great choices. Probably a good idea considering I haven’t had much in the way of nutrients lately. :( If you are ever interested I host a health & wellness group online, just a chance for everyone to give and receive support to staying on track in healthy living. I also throw out various fitness, nutrition, mind, etc health challenges to keep us all on our toes. Just another outlet to receive support if you’d like. :)
    Rosi recently posted…Blogger Block & A Stomach BugMy Profile

    • Thank you for the motivation Rosi! I’d love to join your online group, please let me know how I can do that :)

  6. I recently started to fall off he healthy eating wagon and realized it’s because I deprived myself of all treats. Now I am more relaxed and eat healthy 95% of the time but don’t get too upset with myself with I eat a snack. I find with that attitude I eat less snacks….because it’s not forbidden.

    • I usually do that as well, but recently I’ve just been having too many treats whenever I want haha. I need to get back on the wagon!

  7. I was feeling the same way after the holidays. Somehow, my holidays habits continued to May. I have been getting better, but busy kids’ schedules is making dinner a little more challenging. I think blogging about it helps :)

    I nominated you for a Liebster award, you can find it here http://simplymoderndance.com/2014/05/28/i-was-nominated-for-a-leibster-award/
    Susan recently posted…I was nominated for a Liebster Award!?!?!My Profile

    • I think blogging helps too because now I know a few others are going through the same thing. It helps to have support!

  8. I feel like I could have written this a week ago! May was a whirlwind of celebrations, which meant eating out and/or dessert at least once a week. I went all in because I don’t like to deprive myself at celebrations, but when there are too many back-to-back, I ended up feeling gross. Then you get addicted to the sugar, your appetite gets out of whack, and you figure, “what the hell?” and keep going.
    I know I was harder on myself than I should have been. Of course that’s easy to say now that I’m feeling better. What helped me was focusing on portion control and being mindful of eating until I was no longer hungry (as opposed to stuffed). I kept treats in check. The worst part was the bloat that made me feel bigger than I was. Once I reined it in, the bloats been much better. And movement always helps, especially a run! There’s nothing like a run to get everything moving the way that weights and even yoga can’t for me.
    Hang in there, be good to yourself, and think about nourishing yourself. :-)
    Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork recently posted…Easy and Healthy American Chop SueyMy Profile

    • omg yes! The whole “what the hell” attitude is so me. But I started this nutrition plan on Saturday and so far so good! Recently I haven’t even been wanting to run thuogh! My motivation has just been all out of whack =(


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