Social Media Tools For Bloggers

I’ve written a few other posts on the topic of social media and blogging which have gotten pretty decent engagement, so I figured it’s a topic you want to read more about! Here are the previous two that I wrote:

I got a few questions asking me about what social media tools I use.

Social Media Tools For Bloggers

Here’s a list of what I use:

HootSuite App - I use the HootSuite app on my phone to schedule posts on the go in Twitter. Sometimes I scroll through my feed and see a million things I want to retweet, but instead of tweeting 50 things at once, I schedule them spaced apart. 

Tweetdeck - For scheduling on a computer, I use Tweetdeck and absolutely love it. You are able to have multiple columns showing you your main feed, @ mentions, your Twitter lists, hashtags you want to follow and more. It’s tough to explain without physically showing you, so I’d suggest you go in and play around with it. This is what I use to schedule all of my tweets. Here’s a screenshot of mine:


Facebook - I don’t use anything other than Facebook to schedule my Facebook posts. I’ve read that using third party tools to schedule Facebook posts can affect how many people see your posts. Now, some say that this is no longer the case, but I just prefer using Facebook anyway and not having to have one more tool/website to visit daily. It’s easy enough and you can edit your posts in the Activity Log if you need to.

TweetChat - I love TweetChat for twitter chats. You input the hashtag and are able to get a live stream of everyone’s tweets. I usually have this open alone with Twitter in order to reply to people or see who has mentioned me.

Iconosquare - I discovered this about a year ago and it is my go-to for Instagram stats. I love seeing stats for each platform I use, and this is so easy. Also, it allows you to save photos onto your desktop, which for some reason I can’t do if I go to my profile page. You’re also able to see your feed using this website.

One thing that annoys me about Instagram is that I have to sign in and out if I want to switch profile pages. Why can’t it be like Twitter where you can easily switch between accounts?

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What tools do you use to manage your social media presence (if any)?

Which of these will you try out?


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  1. Hootsuite is my JAM! It has saved me so much time it’s not even funny! I don’t feel like a COMPLETE slave to the computer, just a semi-slave LOL!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Miss Matcha Has Met Her MatchMy Profile

  2. i’m trying out coschedule and really liking it so far. a benefit is that you can schedule your posts to go to pinterest. i wish you could preschedule instagram posts even though that takes away the “instant” part. :)
    Courtney @ Eat Pray Run, DC recently posted…Wedding Wednesday: A WV WeddingMy Profile

    • I swear I’ve seen a website where you can schedule instagram but I can’t find it now. What’s coschedule? I’ll have to check it out! It’d definitely help with Pinterest

  3. Absolutely love Hootesuite!! Favorite tool for managing everything. Great list.

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins
    Sarah recently posted…Seventeen Magazine In My 20s June / July 2014My Profile

  4. Thanks for another great blog post! These are so helpful to me because they’re quick and simple as opposed to other posts out there that are really overwhelming. Also, I think it’s great that you like helping out your fellow bloggers!
    Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork recently posted…Easy and Healthy American Chop SueyMy Profile


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  2. […] I mentioned in my post on social media tools for bloggers using scheduling software can really help. I schedule posts right in Facebook, and use Tweetdeck to […]

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