Drugstore Teeth Whitening

Last month, I decided to try out teeth whitening strips. I was going to get the Crest strips, but the drug store brand was half the price, so I figured why not.

I tried Googling reviews and couldn’t find much, so I figured I’d write a post about it!

I purchased the Rite Aid Whitening Wraps:



I looked at the ingredients list as well, and for the most part, it was the exact same list as the Crest whitening strips. I was a little nervous, but kept telling myself that brand name is always more expensive, and that generic usually has the same ingredients/works just as well.

So what was my experience? Well, I only used the strips for 5 days, but got pretty good results. I didn’t want to put a picture full on zoomed-in to my mouth and teeth, so this will have to do :-P The lighting is a bit different, but my teeth are definitely whiter.



I was actually really impressed with the results. The first picture is the “after” picture. My teeth were a bit stained since I drink a lot of coffee, which was my primary reason for doing this. Here are two normal pictures so you can get a better sense. The first one is “before” and the second one is “after.”



Okay, so I mentioned that I only used it for 5 days. Why? Because towards the end of those 5 days, whenever I put the strips on my gums were getting really irritated and inflamed. I could feel them pulsing as I waited to take the strips off. You keep the strips on for 30 minutes, once per day. I didn’t want to continue this for 14 days if my gums were getting inflamed, plus I had gotten results, so I am going to save the rest for touch ups every 6 months like the box suggests.

I don’t know if my gum irritation was due to the product or I simply have sensitive gums. I don’t know if had I gotten Crest I would not have this issue…it’s very possible that I would have. Besides that, I’m happy with how the strips worked. I don’t plan on using them a lot since I’m nervous about tooth sensitivity and it stripping the enamel. But all in all, if you want to try a drugstore brand, I say go for it! I’ve heard good things about the Walgreens brand of strips as well.

Have you used whitening strips? What kind?

Do you sometimes feel “better” buying brand name versus generic?


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  1. This is some really good insight and a great review. I’ve been wanting to try whitening strips, this really helps. Thank you.
    Jazmie recently posted…Kids Say & Do The Darndest ThingsMy Profile

  2. i used the CREST 3D ones and they are amazing! i havent used them in like 2 months and i still have the results!
    LOOVE white strips

  3. Awesome that they work, I need to do this more often!
    Miss Angie recently posted…Indie Gift Box Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  4. I need to get some strips again. Good to know these ones work because they are probably a lot cheaper than the Crest ones I’ve used before!
    Melissa Swenson recently posted…How to repair a chipped gel nailMy Profile

  5. I haven’t used any yet, but I want to try! I noticed that when I don’t drink coffee for a long time (say, I’m on Whole30 or something) my teeth naturally get whiter pretty quickly!
    Katie recently posted…Sandpoint Magazine: cover, cinemagraph, publication party filmMy Profile

  6. I so wanna try these but was always a bit nervous to try strips.
    amber.m recently posted…12 Little Black Dresses for UNDER $35My Profile

  7. Sarah E says:

    I really need to get mine whitened, but every time I’ve used strips they hurt! Guess I’m sticking to the toothpaste/mouthwash :(

  8. I’m a fan of Crest White Strips! I know there’s limitations on how many times you’re supposed to use white strips, for risk of hurting your enamel and gums, so maybe it was that! I try to use one strip a week, just because I’m nervous about inflaming my own, but your results are so great that I might just go for it!


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