Motivational Monday!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend/Mother’s Day weekend. Mine was very relaxing and I wasn’t ready for this morning, but oh well, time to conquer the week.

I wanted to switch things up with my Motivational Monday posts. I usually post an inspirational quote (because who doesn’t like inspirational quotes), but I want to start adding my weekly goals in terms of workouts and what I want to accomplish. And I’d love for you all to leave comments telling me what workouts you plan on doing this week as well!

Here’s my planned schedule…though we all know sometimes things change ;)

Monday: Chest and back lifting

Tuesday: Speed workout (3 miles)

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Easy 45 min. run

Friday: Easy 45 min. run

Saturday: Long walk or cross train

Sunday: Long run (60 minutes)

And here’s a great Oprah quote, which I’ve been loving that it’s been on Starbucks cups recently!



Let’s get after it this week!

What’s on tap for you this week? Leave a comment and tell me! :)


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