What Workout Should I Try Next?

So on Monday I decided to try out a new workout: “Cardio Barre.” It was described as a mix between Barre and willPower & Grace. Hmmm…

A co-worker had suggested a while ago that I try willPower & Grace because she thought it’d help with my shin splint issues. It’s a barefoot class which focuses on balance and leg strengthening.

It was tough in a totally different way! A looottttt of squat variations, my legs were on fire. The hardest part for me was the balancing part. We did a lot of one-legged exercises and I felt like I was the only one falling all over the place. I’m way more wobbly on my left side, which may be part of the reason my left shin is always the one to give me more issues? 

During all those balancing exercises my ankles and calves were also burning. It was weird because the day after my shins felt sore? I obviously didn’t do anything with major impact to make them sore, so I’m thinking that working all those muscles in that area is what made my shins hurt a bit. I definitely want to do this class again to help with my balance which is obviously very important for runners.

Which leads me to my next point…I want to experiment with more classes and types of workouts! I’d like your suggestions as well, especially if you use classes or other workouts as cross training. Here’s what I’d like to try out, or do more of in, in the next few months:



What workouts do you want to try OR do more of? Leave a comment and let me know so I can add it to my list too!


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  1. I love all those classes you listed! Except Zumba, but it’s personally because I can’t take gyrating seriously as a workout. Never tried pilates, I’ll be interested to see your take of it if you go!
    Courtney @The TriGirl Chronicles recently posted…Fatigue is VoluntaryMy Profile

    • I would do HIIT everyday. So… that.

      It’s funny because I just posted on Courtney @TriGirl Chronicles page that she should bust up her training routine with something silly like Zumba… and here she is saying she doesn’t like it.! LOL.

      • lol I know I saw that! I’m definitely not the most coordinated person but a good zumba instructor gives you a pretty good workout :)

  2. I have tried barre and liked it, but it was too expensive at $20 a class. I really like spin though, that is my favorite non-running activity.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted…Alex and AniMy Profile

    • Yeah boutique classes can be so pricey. There’s a great spin studio in my town but it’s $27 a class!! I can’t do that AND pay a monthly gym membership too.

  3. Up until a few weeks ago, I taught kickboxing (with bags) for years! It’s a great workout and sometimes it’ just feels good to hit stuff ;o) What about resistance work? Any weights in your future? wink, wink (asks the powerlifter) :)

    • I lift weights regularly so thats why it’s not on here :) though i’ve been running more and slacking on the weights so I need to get back to that!

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