5 Tips For Exercising Outside

I recently wrote a post about a couple of ways to be active outdoors now that it’s starting to get warmer. Well, I wanted to follow up that post with a few tips on easing back into your warm weather routine. If you’re someone who loves to exercise outside, you’re probably eager to get back out there…I certainly am! But here are a few things to keep in mind as the weather starts to get warmer:

Tips For Exercising Outside
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Start slow. I know you just want to put on your sneakers and run for hours, but don’t! You risk injuring yourself and then being out of commission and missing out on all the awesome weather. If you didn’t run much this winter (cough Me cough), start slow. Perhaps start by running for time instead of miles, and work on building your base again. This way, you’ll gradually build up to where you used to be, and you avoid annoying injuries like shin splints.

Remember to wear sunscreen. I really need to be better about this as well. We all need to remember to put on sunscreen when we head outside. It doesn’t matter if it’s only 50-60 degrees, the sun is still beating on your face! Get one of those sprays that’s specifically for sports and keep it by the door so you remember it on your way out. I know Saucony makes some SPF protecting clothing…but I wonder if they actually work?

Get new sneakers. Check your sneakers and see if they are worn. Spring time is the perfect time to invest in a new pair of sneakers, because you will start using them a lot more! General rule of thumb on sneakers is 300-500 miles or around 3 months. If your treads are pretty worn, it’s time for a new pair.

Keep going to the gym. “What? I thought you want us to go outside!” Yes, I want to exercise outdoors as much as you do, but don’t forget about strength training! I know you’ve been cooped up at the gym all winter, but keep that in your routine. Make sure to incorporate strength training at least two times a week in order to keep your body strong and avoid injuries.

Hydrate and choose ideal times. Here are some of my tips for running in warmer weather, but in general, remember to stay hydrated! As it gets warmer out, you will sweat more. Choose good times to run, like early morning or evening as opposed to noon (probably more applicable in the summer). Sometimes you just can’t, and will need to run at noon (I have before), so make sure to hydrate AND wear that SPF! If you know you are running tomorrow and it will be hot, drink a ton of water the day before.

What would you add to this list?

Do you run/exercise outside throughout the winter? Good for you!


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