Spring Back Into Fitness!

It’s finally spring! This winter has been tough (at least here in NJ), so I’m really excited that it’s warm out again.

If you’re anything like me, cold, dreary, dark winter days means that you’re less motivated to work out. It’s hard to get outside and run in the cold (unless you’re training for something and NEED to be out there). It’s also hard to be motivated to go to the gym when you get out of work and it’s already dark out.

But those days are over! Warm days doesn’t just had to mean running or walking outside though. There are plenty of ways to exercise outdoors. Here are a couple of my ideas:

Ways To Be Active Outdoors

  • Go for a hike. Explore some new trails in your area or use it as an excuse for a little day trip. You can choose whether you want a flat trail or something more challenging. Great way to get in some exercise and be out in the great outdoors.
  • Go biking. I just found this park in my area (where I ran my most recent 5K) that has bike rentals on their premises. I definitely want to go and bike around the estate. If you don’t have a bike, this is perfect for you! If you do have a bike, grab a friend and go for a ride in your town or in a park. Find a local bike race and try something competitive (if that’s your thing). Or just go to the beach and go for a peaceful ride.
  • Go kayaking. I actually have never done this but want to hit up the Delaware Water Gap this summer and try it out. Talk about an upper body workout! If you want something more relaxing, try tubing or rafting with some friends. Someone on Twitter recommended to me to try out rafting with a few cold ones and lounging with friends…okay, this isn’t really going to burn many calories or anything but sometimes that’s okay! ;)
  • Try a trapeze class. This is another thing that’s on my bucket list. I am kind of afraid of class but think this would be really fun. Not sure if I have the upper body strength for it but we’ll see!
  • Go for a swim. If you love lounging by the pool in the summer, take advantage of the water and go for a swim. Swimming is a full body exercise and burns mega-calories. Whether you’re at the pool or by the beach, get in the water! Or you can do other water activities, like playing pool basketball, or throwing around a ball in the ocean with a friend. That’s always a workout for me because I never can catch the ball!
  • Play tennis. Or soccer. Or lacrosse. Try a new sport! I love going to play tennis with my mom, even if I can only last for 15 minutes. Somehow I can run 26. miles but a few minutes of sprinting around a tennis court kills me. If you don’t have tennis rackets, go out and play soccer or basketball with friends.

These are only a few ways to get active outside. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and get out there! Also, if you are planning on ramping up your running now that it’s warmer, here’s my one tip for you: Start slow. Don’t get over-enthusiastic and end up with an injury because you did too much too soon!

What are your favorite things to do outside?

What would you add to this list?


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  1. I would love to take a trapeze class!! How fun! Great ideas :)
    Miranda | Slashed Beauty recently posted…April Beauty Box 5My Profile

  2. I FINALLY got to go biking this past weekend – its my favorite way to stay in shape in spring/summer!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages
    Miche recently posted…Just Say Something NiceMy Profile

  3. If possible I’d love to lift weights outside (but haven’t had the opportunity yet) that would be my first pick. Talking a walk outside would probably make the list of favorites too. I love listening to a good podcast, just before sunset-makes for good “me time”. Although a trapeze class would be fun too…I wonder if they have any in my area!
    Annie Brees recently posted…When you feel like quittingMy Profile

  4. Very nice! Enjoy the weather! I would add “go for a walk” to the list. Doggy, kiddy, solo, etc. It’s all good!
    Scott Evans recently posted…Race Recap: Abby’s Run for Dandy Walker 5kMy Profile


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