3 Minute Ab Workout!

With abs, we tend to focus on reps. We do several reps of an exercise, then move onto another. But when was the last time you did some isometric holds? Trust me, these holds will get your abs burning as well!

Here’s the workout:

Ab WorkoutPhoto Credit: Arya Ziai via Compfight cc

1 set of this is only 3 minutes, but your abs will be shaking. Do it either once, or add on 2-3 extra sets depending on how you feel. For me, reverse planks are the toughest! I need to work more on my core.

What is your most challenging core exercise?

Are you able to do a handstand? I wish!


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  1. Jim Hartman says:

    This is great ! Thanks Patty, I’m going to do these tonight. I will definitely have to do a variation of the boat pose though, they will hurt my back. And no, I can’t do a handstand :-)

    • Let me know how it goes! For boat pose, make sure to think “chest up, shoulders back” the whole time. To make it easier, place your feet on the floor. Always think shoulders back and that will help keep your back straight!

  2. I have so many of these saved, but after actually trying one I was too afraid to do anymore, lol. I’m so bad at planks.

  3. I absolutely love this!! Going to try it tonight. Also, totally loving your blog!! Had to follow on bloglovin.

    xx Sarah
    Loser Girl Wins // Bloglovin
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  4. Planks are very useful exercises and this routine contains the best variations that work the entire core. This routine can be even done while watching TV, so it is great for those “I’m too tired to work my abs days” :) Thanks for sharing.
    Walter Forbes recently posted…Walking for Weight Loss – Simple, yet EffectiveMy Profile


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