9 Ways To Create Awesome Blog Content

We’ve all been there. “What should I write about today?”

Hitting a writer’s block is the worst. But there are a lot of different ways to gain inspiration and think of new content for your blog. I usually post twice a day, so I’m always looking for ideas! I always have a notebook with me to write down spur of the moment thoughts…you never know when creativity will hit!


Here are a few ideas to get your words flowing:

1. Go on Pinterest. We all know we can spend hours on Pinterest…it’s so addicting. But Pinterest is also a great place to get ideas for future posts. See what’s trending and come up with a post around those topics.

2. Look through magazines. Whatever your niche is, there probably are magazines for it. As a fitness blogger, I regularly go to the library or local book store and look through Self, Shape, Runner’s World, Oxygen, Fitness and other smaller magazines. I have gotten a lot of inspiration from there! I’m not saying to copy ideas from them (or from Pinterest or other sources I will list out), but simply use them as inspiration. I actually got the idea for my natural beauty products post from Oxygen.

3. Search through question and answer sites. Look through sites like Quora, Yahoo! Answers and forums you may be a part of. A lot of people are asking questions, and this is your chance to answer! I love the TribeSports community, which is how I found someone asking about how to improve their pushups…which led me to create this video:

4. What questions are people asking you? As a personal trainer, friends and family are always asking me health related questions. A lot of stuff I have written has been inspired by these questions. Because if they’re asking, others are probably wondering the same thing. Think about the questions you are being asked, and always have a notebook handy to write down ideas.

5. Look through big websites in your niche. Just like I said to look through magazines, look through big websites too. In fact, look through the magazine’s websites! Sometimes there are things on there that won’t be in their print material. Find the main websites in your niche (i.e. – Mashable for tech news) and look through them for inspiration. Perhaps they cover a topic but not in the point of view that you have. Look through the comments…maybe there are some ideas in there for you as well.

6. Read other blogs. And not necessarily just in your niche. I read lifestyle and fashion blogs regularly, and have gotten ideas from them. Again, I’m not saying to copy their posts…that will only hurt you in the end (and is plagiarism). But add your own commentary on a topic or change the topic to fit your blog and audience.

7. Use blogging prompts. Regularly read The SITS Girls, because they usually post a lot of blogging prompts. Also try out Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop which has a lot of great blog post ideas!

8. Interview someone. Still don’t have any clue what your next post will be? Try interviewing someone in your field! I forget where I read this idea (though it’s so straightforward I never thought to do it), but it’s what inspired me to interview Olympian Jenny Simpson!

9. Review something. I’m sure you all have products you love and use daily. Why don’t you write up a review to share it with your readers? And who knows, maybe that will connect you with the brand and be the start of a blogging relationship!

What would you add to this list?

What is your biggest source of blogging inspiration?


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  1. Some great ideas. I know everyone says to keep a notebook for ideas. I definitely need to start doing that! I always have great ideas when I’m out and about then when I sit down to write sometimes I’m a complete blank!
    Jen @ Pretty Little Grub recently posted…Energy Bits…All They’re Cracked Up To Be?My Profile

    • That usually happens to me at night! I need to keep anotebook by my bed or something, though I always say “I’ll remember to write it down in the morning” and then totally forget what my idea was lol

  2. Thanks for posting this! I’m always looking for ways to spice up my blog. I do think reading other blogs is helpful, not in a copying way, but in an inspirational way. I regularly subscribe to health news alerts which is not only helpful to my job (being in oncology clinical research), but also prompts post ideas! Check out Reuters, your local newspaper’s health section, CNN, etc.
    Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork recently posted…Five Tips for Eating Healthy On The Run (Guest Post)My Profile

    • thanks for the tips! will have to regularly look through reuters and cnn, I don’t do that currently!

  3. Great, great, great ideas!!!! I usually have a running list on my phone to jot down ideas because they always hit me in the oddest times (grocery store, waiting in the pre-school pick up line, etc) . Thanks for the suggestions!
    Annie Brees recently posted…Cooking VeggiesMy Profile

    • Same here! I always get ideas when I’m not thinking about it, but when I have to sit down and write an actual post (and used up all my ideas in my notebook) it’s so hard to think of something!

  4. Those are some great ideas. Thanks for sharing!
    Amy @ Will Run For Ice Cream recently posted…My First Time Placing In An Overall CategoryMy Profile

  5. Great tips, lady! Thanks! :)
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…5 Reasons Why I’m a Fan of Running With a FriendMy Profile

  6. Good ideas!

    I always have a notebook on hand as well. My handwriting is crap, though, so I’ve trained myself to convert my notes into blog post drafts ASAP, while I can still interpret my scribblings. Then I go back and finish those posts later on.

    Also, like Stephanie, I subscribe to news/blog alerts based on certain keywords. That way I’m always in the loop on the topics I like to post about.
    Nancy recently posted…Workout Song Battle: Eye of the Tiger vs. Edge of SeventeenMy Profile

    • I signed up for google alerts, but I should probably actually open those emails :) Will have to start doing this!

  7. All really good tips! I need to get a notebook that I can keep in the shower…haha. Seems that I have good ideas in there!
    Meranda@fairytalesandfitness recently posted…Running on the Ragged Edge of the Western WorldMy Profile


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