Thoughts I Have While Running

I was inspired to write this post after seeing this post by FitnessMomWineCountry. I had seen the original BuzzFeed article (75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Out For A Run) and thought it was hilarious. We have definitely all thought these things before!

thoughts while running

So why not make my own list? I haven’t been running much lately, but will start up again soon to train for my July half marathon. I almost always have the following things running through my brain:

  • Okay let’s just walk for, like, 5 minutes to warm-up.
  • Screw it, I want to just start running, okay here we go.
  • I’m feeling awesome! My music is playing, I feel great…I could probably run forever today.
  • Wait, is that my shin that is hurting a little. Is it hurting? Should I stop? Nah, I’ll keep running, it’s probably a phantom pain.
  • Yay the pain went away…keep running…
  • Mile 1 down, X to go.
  • Why does the second mile always seem to drag on?
  • Ugh not in the mood for this song. Let’s skip it. Skipping a song on my phone while running is much harder than it looks. 
  • Fine let me walk for a second to find a song. Okay, found one. Back to running.
  • I think I have to go to the bathroom…do I? Hmm…there is a bathroom at the library…
  • I wonder what I look like to other people while I’m running (glances at reflection in storefront window).
  • I feel like I’m flying! (looks at window, “I certainly don’t look like I’m flying.”)
  • *Looks at watch* Only X miles?!?! I feel like I’ve been running forever…
  • Look into homes as I run past them and imagine what those people’s lives are like (you know you’ve done it too…I’m not the only creep).
  • What races should I register for coming up?
  • Okay last mile let’s pick it up a bit…maybe some fartleks.
  • *During speed portion of fartlek* I bet all these cars driving by think I’m running so fast, and that this is my pace for the whole run! (hehe)
  • Actually, they probably don’t even notice me or care.
  • Hello fellow runner. *Little wave*
  • Finally back home. Time to stretch.

No really, who else looks at their reflection while they’re running? You know you do ;)

Leave a comment with a few of your thoughts while you are out running!


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  1. I wrote a post on this at the start of my blogging and I LOVE reading other people’s viewpoints from their running thoughts. So funny! We definitely have quite a few similarities :)
    Cori @ recently posted…Holy Crap!… Literally.My Profile

  2. Haha! Loved the one about skipping songs and then stopping to find the right one! But with practice you’ll be able to do it while running, young Jedi. ;)
    Maria @ The Good Life recently posted…139 | BE FIT | Total Fitness Tuesday: Stronger Lower Body for Stronger RunsMy Profile

    • lol I dont run with music often so that is probably why! My hands are always sweaty and I cant get the song to change!

  3. Haha! especially since I quit running with music, my mind goes all over the place! I did catch my reflection in a shiny car on my run yesterday, I had a strong tailwind behind me, so I was glad to see that I actually looked like a fast runner!
    Scott Evans recently posted…Running in Wind Tips: Big Wind is Just Like Big HillMy Profile


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