7 Ways To Walk 10,000 Steps A Day

In a study about how inactivity is related to heart disease, it was shown that men who sat for at least 5 hours a day or more had more than double the risk of heart failure than those who were active and sat for 2 hours or less. In fact:

Even if participants exercised regularly, sitting had a negative influence on their health. No matter how much they exercised, men who spent five or more hours a day sitting outside of work were 34 percent more likely to develop heart failure compared to those who sat two hours a day or less, according to the investigation.

Now, we all aren’t in positions to only be sitting for 2 hours of less…the American work day doesn’t work like that (I wish!) :)

How To Walk 10,000 Steps In A Day

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But there are ways to make sure that you’re active throughout the day. Just 1 hour at the gym isn’t enough anymore. It doesn’t undue the other 8-10 hours you are sitting at your desk. This is part of the reason why tracking devices like FitBit, Nike Fuel bands, and pedometers in general are so popular. I have a Galaxy S4 which came with a step tracker widget, and I was shocked at how little I walked during the day. I would average around 2,000 steps – the recommended amount is 10,000!

Some days it’s really hard for me to get 10,000 steps, but you can certainly do it. It seems like a lot but little steps throughout the day (no pun intended hehe) will help you end the day with 10K steps. Here are a few ways to reach your goal:

1. Take a 5 min. walk break every hour. This was a tip I initially saw somewhere on the twitterverse. If you work 8 hours, and take a 5 min. walk break every hour, that is 40  minutes of walking in one day! That’s great, especially if you can’t make it to the gym after work. 5 minutes of your time is nothing.

2. Use a small water bottle so you have to get up and refill more often. I used to love finding the biggest water bottles so that I could make sure to drink enough at work. But, now I like little bottles, or I just refill a cup at my desk. Why? Because it means I will have to get up to walk to the water fountain more often (at my job it is not in my office, it’s outside down a hallway). Most of the time I really don’t feel like getting up but you gotta do what you gotta do! Plus, you’ll also be getting up more often to go to the bathroom ;)

3. Purposely park further away. Give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning and park further than you usually would. Though I’ll admit, I probably wouldn’t do this in the winter because I’m not about walking in the freezing cold. Otherwise, enjoy the sunshine in the morning!

4. Walk/run as a warm-up before you lift. If you go to the gym after work (or even before), walk or run as a warm-up. Running will obviously rack up more steps but if you’re not a runner then walking is just fine. It’s a great way to get your heart rate up before beginning your workout.

5. Go for a 10 min. walk before work, or during lunch, or after dinner to relax. These are all  great times to get in a short 10 minute walk. I mean, 10 minutes is nothing! Use part of your lunch break to do this. If it’s cold outside and you have a gym at work, then go walk on the treadmill and read a book or listen to a podcast at the same time. In the summer, I like going on evening walks after dinner to wind down before bed.

6. Set reminders to get up out of your desk and walk around, even if only for a few minutes. If you’re like me, you get sucked into your computer and don’t get up enough. Set up alarms so that every hour you’re reminded to go for your 5 minute walk.

7. Have a challenge at work with friends to see who can get the most steps in 1 day. I’m a competitive person, so I love challenges. Team up with friends and coworkers to see who can get the most steps in a day, a week, etc. This will get you extra incentive and motivation to do all of the other 6 tips ;)

Do you have a pedometer or tracking device? Do you regularly get 10,000 steps? Any tips you’d add?


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  1. These are great tips! I work an office job and sit most of the day. I’ve recently started wearing a pedometer to track my steps, so I can definitely incorporate some of these tips into my life to help me reach my goals! Thanks :)
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  1. […] too. When I had my Samsung Galaxy, it had a built in step-tracker. I was always waaayyyy off the recommended 10,ooo steps her day. I really want to work at this because I know I sit too much throughout the day. Between blogging […]

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