Motivational Monday!

I feel like I have said this a million times, but how is it possible that it was 60 yesterday and this week we may get snow…??!? Come on spring….

Anyway, I was looking through Tumblr for a good quote for today. If you ever want some inspiration, look up “inspirational quotes” or something related and you’ll find a lot of great stuff. I love Tumblr in general for discovering funny things, news, GIFs, etc. Here’s the quote I found:

inspirational quote

I read it and it immediately got me thinking. I mean, I think no matter what…even if you followed all of your dreams and gut instincts, you’d always regret something or wish you had done something else, BUT I like the message here. Pursue your goals and see what happens. You might regret it, or it may not work out, but it’s better to try. I think it would be scary to see “the person you could have become.”

Even now I think back to when I was a teenage and how I thought my life would be by now…and it’s totally not! Sometimes it is disappointing to think about but it also makes me want to work harder to get to where I want to be, so that when I’m 45 I’m not looking back to now and remembering how I wanted to accomplish X,Y,Z. Did that make sense? I feel like I just started rambling… :-P

What do you think about this quote?

What did you think you would accomplish by now when you were a teen? It’s not necessarily a bad thing if you haven’t done those things! Some of those desires were totally unrealistic :)

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  1. I understand this, I decided a long time ago to live life with no regrets. I have a policy of not regretting anything I did because it is pointless as you can’t change it (ok…I may do some things differently a second go around, but there is no real point in dwelling on it) and in order to have truly no regrets you have to take every opportunity you are presented with and waste as few opportunities / as little time as possible.
    this policy means I am ridiculously busy a lot of the time, and am successful about the first part only about 75% of the time,…but it is a start!

    I could have become so many people after my teenage years…I could have become a Pilot in the RAF…or I could have become a fully fledged anorexic…from exactly the same moment! I actually became neither which on balance is probably good!

  2. Love the new blog look!! :)

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