5 Tips For A Better Salad

Salads can be so boring sometimes. But I have found ways to make tasty salads for myself that I actually like to eat…I used to hate salads! Now, I have one most days for lunch. I can’t have a salad for dinner though. That’s where I draw the line ;)


1. Experiment with different protein options. My go-to options are canned tuna and hard boiled eggs. If I have leftover cooked chicken, I will sometimes use that. But tuna doesn’t have to be boring. There are so many options. I used to love Bumblebee’s Sundried Tomato and Olive Oil tuna, but then they discontinued it :( But they make new versions now with different flavorings, like Lemon and Pepper. Experiment and use a different kind for each salad. Also, experiment with different protein, such as tuna, eggs, chicken, tofu, beans, etc. Changing it up will keep salads from getting boring.

2. Add fruit to your salad. I used to think adding fruit to salad was really weird. It weirded me out to think of eating strawberries or pineapples with lettuce and some sort of meat. But now I love it. My favorite salad that I pack for lunch is canned tuna, mixed greens and strawberries. The combination is so good! I’ve seen recipes for putting watermelon in salad? Kind of scared to try it! I haven’t really experimented with other fruit in my salad, so if you have suggestions let me know :)

strawberry salad

3. Experiment with other toppings. This kind of goes along with the fruit thing, but try out toppings like nuts and dried cranberries. It will make your salad taste better and be more filling. Toppings can include things like beans too, like I mentioned in #1. I add chickpeas to my salad, and sometimes black beans. Again, it will help you feel full after lunch.

4. Prepare foods differently. So never would I have thought to make tuna patty cakes to put in my salad, until I saw that Minou Girl posted a recipe. Look through Pinterest, or  find bloggers with healthy salad recipes, and see if you can prepare something differently, such as canned tuna. This was a great way to spice it up and I have made it multiple times since. Here’s the recipe. Perhaps try doing fried eggs instead of hard-boiled, or cook your chicken differently.

tuna cakes

5. Try an assortment of veggies. Do you have your go-to vegetables you always use? I do too. But try adding new stuff to your salad and you may find your next favorite vegetable. I usually only add in tomatoes, but recently have been trying to add cucumbers as well. My current favorite is artichoke hearts though. Seriously so good and goes well with any protein. You can also try them in a sandwich!

You could also experiment with different dressings-though I don’t know too much about that because I only really use balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Let me know if you have a dressing you love!

What is your favorite salad combination?

Any tips I’m missing? 

What topping should I try in my next salad?


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  1. Chickpeas are my favorite salad topping! A great source of protein too!

  2. I can’t stand fruit salads either, also I think that making food taste delicious especially when trying to lose weight is not really a good idea because you will be overeating. I love food and whenever I cook something awesome I just demolish everything. So I learned my lesson and now eat everything almost plain and give myself a treat on ‘cheat days’.

    • Well, I don’t think it’s possible to overeat with salads and veggies ;) But I know what you mean. If I m ake a rice or pasta dish, I’m always tempted to eat more than the serving size

  3. Great tips! My favorite salad toppings are chick peas, hearts of palm, and this crumbled feta with pepper that I get from Whole Foods. I also like to roast vegetables like bell peppers, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, etc. in the oven and then put them on my salad. So good!

  4. I also used to think adding fruit to salads was weird but then my coworker told me she basically puts whatever she wants into her salads, so I tried adding apples and it turns out I love it. Love the crunch, the sweet/salty combo, and the opportunity to get more good stuff into my body.


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