New Workout Playlist 11

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I have been loving the new Shakira song with Rihanna. I had it stuck in my head all night last night. Did you know her music video to this song is banned in Colombia…because it will corrupt children’s minds?

I also have not gotten sick of Timber yet. Such a catchy song!

Which of these have you heard?

What songs do you currently have on repeat on your workout playlist or running playlist?


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  1. I just can’t help it, Timber is too catchy!

  2. I LOVE the Zendaya song. And I find myself not sure if I like the new Shakira/Rihanna song, but whenever it comes on, I can’t stop myself from listening to it and singing it the rest of the day! And no shame, Timber is an awesome song. No shame at all!
    Right now I am digging the Selena Gomez Pandora channel (lol) as well as Today’s Country. Very random, but it is nice and different from what I have to hear at work all the time!

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