NJ Devils vs. NY Rangers Stadium Series Recap

This weekend, my boyfriend and I went to the Stadium Series at Yankee Stadium. It’s part of the NHL, and a couple hockey teams throughout the US have been playing outdoors as part of this series.

Isn’t it crazy that the L.A. Kings played outside in 60-ish degree weather? Pretty cool that they could keep the ice frozen.

Anyways, Dan really wanted to go because the Devils were playing their big rival, the Rangers. His parents got him tickets for his birthday and he asked me to go. Initially, I was like ehhhhhhh…it’s going to be REALLY cold! It was about 20 degrees.

We got on the PATH train around 9 am and headed into the city. It was pretty easy getting there, and we got to the Bronx around 10:30. We thought we’d meet up with a few people at one of the bars outside of the stadium, but none of them were serving alcohol! Apparently, they can’t serve alcohol before noon on Sundays.

But the weird thing is, this one bar, Stan’s was serving. We tried to get in but it was waayyyy too packed. We couldn’t even move, and getting a drink probably would have taken 30 minutes (or more).

Anyone out there know why one bar is allowed to serve but others aren’t?

So we ended up just getting food then going into the stadium. When we got in, there were about 30 minutes left until game time, but then the game got delayed because of sun glare on the ice. My thoughts were, “Cool, more waiting in the freezing cold!” Stadiums should have like little coffee shops where you can go and have a hot beverage while waiting ;)

As luck would have it, we were surrounded by Rangers fans, so that wasn’t fun. Especially since the Devils lost 7-3. But we had pretty good seats and could see all of the action.

I wasn’t TOO cold throughout, but towards the end I started getting colder, and it started snowing. I went to the bathroom to warm up my feet and this very nice woman gave me hand warmers to put in my shoes. That was definitely a lifesaver! My toes felt frozen.

Overall, it was a really cool experience. I mean, how often do you get to watch an outdoor hockey game. I just made sure to bundle up: running tights, fleece pants, 3 layers on top, jacket, gloves, 2 socks.

I’m glad we got to go, and hopefully they continue the Stadium Series next year!

Are you a hockey fan? Who’s your team?

Have you been to an outdoor hockey game?


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