Trying A Tri

Okay-I’m going to put this out there.

This summer, I kind of want to try a mini triathlon. Like mini-mini.

I found this one-which seems like a possibility:

I remember last summer looking into triathlons, and I saw one in NJ that was something along the lines of swimming 250 yards, biking 5-6 miles, and running 1 mile-now that’s what I’m talking about! :) Of course now I can’t find the information on this race, and I don’t remember the name of it. This would have been perfect because I am really nervous about swimming and biking, considering I haven’t ridden a bike in years, and have never swam more than a couple of laps.

A few other possibilities are:

I want 2014 to be the year I try a bunch of different things, such as:

  • Doing a tri (possibly)
  • NYC Urbanathlon?
  • Another mud run

I don’t own a bike, but I could probably find one somewhere. Swimming is what makes me the most nervous. I’m not the best swimmer, and I have only really swam in a pool, not open water. Biking is hard but I’ve biked more than 15 miles in spin class before, so it should be doable. I realize that it’s probably harder biking outside than indoors on a spin bike.

Have you done a mini/sprint triathlon before?

What advice would you give to a complete newbie?

Anyone done an urbanathlon before?


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  1. I’ve never done one before, but this mini one sounds great! I think my biggest obstacles would be a) getting a bike and b) getting over my fear of swimming with a whole bunch of other people around me. Two relatively large obstacles, I guess :) I’m excited to read about your attempt!! Maybe I’ll be inspired. Good luck!

  2. Good for you. I am a terrible swimmer so I have huge admiration for this!

  3. That looks like a good tri to start and not so scary… I’d love to do one some day but it would have to be mini-mini as well.

  4. I have done a sprint and Olympic tri. Here’s what I found helpful:
    1) Swim: It will help to swim in open water at least once. It’s a lot different than a pool because you don’t have that handy line to stare at and keep you straight! If you can’t get into open water, try swimming with your eyes closed (I freaked the first time I did it), swim next to the wall to increase choppiness, and share a lane whenever you can to get used to swimming next to people. That’s the hardest part for me – the fear of getting bumped around. I’m not aggressive like that, I’m the one who moves out of the way :/
    2) Bike: Biking on the road is a lot different. I did both my races on my “Mom” hybrid bike. I at least took the baby seat off :) If you can’t get a fancy bike, at least attach cage pedals to your bike, that helps with push/pull. Also, get a little speedometer, mine cost about $30 at the local bike store. It helped me stay motivated to stay above a certain speed. For me, on flat road, was bout 17-18 mph.
    3) Run: You MUST practice the transition of bike to run so your legs know how to do it. Your legs will be like jello when you get off the bike, and you have to know how to get your running legs back. If you are a strong runner, your legs will know what to do, that’s the only way I can explain it. Try a spin class and run a mile afterwards to see how it feels.

    Good luck. IMHO, if you are in shape, a mini tri will be pretty easy as long as you mentally prepare for the swim. Can’t wait to hear what you choose!

    • Thank you so much for all of your tips! I really appreciate it! I do live about 45 min from a beach, so I could go down there in the summer to try to practice. I’ll keep you posted on what I decide!

  5. You should totally do it! I’ve done two and I’m not a great swimmer. You can stay to the outside and hold back so you aren’t in the crowd. Lots of sprint races will have a separate starting heat for beginners. And if all else fails you can kick along on your back or even doggy paddle. There aren’t any rules about how you swim.

  6. This mini mini tri sounds like the perfect distance! Especially the swim leg- that for me is the toughest part. Have you done a mud run before? I’d love to get one under my belt in 2014 but am nervous!

    • Yes I did the rugged maniac in NJ…it was so fun! I highly recommend it. I was really nervous too beforehand, like major butterflies-but it was so fun and you really felt badass lol

  7. Way to go!!! I’ve never done a tri, but I’ve heard great things about the Iron Girl ones.

  8. I also want to try a tri this year! One of my goals that I wrote down. That looks like a great one to start. Let us know if you sign up!

  9. I’m thinking of doing my first Sprint Tri in may. My wife started doing them last year .. and its something we can do together. I still have to work on my swimming and running. (I’m a cyclist … this running and swimming is HARD!

    From what my wife tells me and from what I observe, besides the 3 main portions of the Tri, there’s also the two transitions times. T1 and T2 as they are known…between the swim/bike and between the bike/run. Someone also mentioned doing the bike/run portion so you can feel what your legs will feel like … I think that is called a Brick workout. However, if the swim you are doing is in colder climates and you need a wetsuit, then the practice from swim/bike is important too, as you need to figure out how to get your wetsuit of quickly.

    In any event, there seems to be a lot of hints out there about how to set-up your transition area …setting all your gear out in just the right way seems important.

    For myself though, if I do enter the Tri, just finishing is what I will be looking for. :)

    Good luck!

    • Thank you for your comments! If I do one, my goal will definitely only be to finish lol. I totally forgot about the whole transition thing. I also have no clue what I’d wear…I definitely don’t want to buy anything pricey seeing as I have no clue if I’d even like it or not! Keep me posted on if you try one and I will do the same!

      • I think I am leaning towards doing the Tri … Ack!

        As for buying stuffs that you are not sure you will use … I am right there with you. I know in my area there are specialty Tri stores that will rent wet suits …. and that is what I plan to do if I decide to go for it .. .perhaps there is a similar place in your area?


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