Are You “Crazy?”

How many times has someone said to you:

  • “You’re running how much? You’re crazy!”
  • “You’re not going out Friday because you have to get up to workout on Saturday? You’re crazy!”
  • “You really aren’t going to eat that because you’re eating healthy? You’re crazy OR Yeah, I can’t do that.”

Since when is living a healthy lifestyle something that is “crazy” or something we may get a hard time about?

This happened a few times to me during marathon training. I wouldn’t be able to go out the day before a long run (weekends), so people would always say, “you never come out anymore!” or “This is why I’d never train for a marathon-it takes over your life.”

But it’s a choice. It was my choice and one I really enjoyed doing. Why should we be made to feel bad about our choices?

Same thing goes for healthy eating. I’ve been in situations where I won’t eat something because I try to stay away from processed foods. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t splurge or treat myself sometimes. But if I say I don’t want a huge deli sandwich, or don’t want that slice of pizza, why should I feel bad?

Friends have told me they experience this mainly in a work setting, where bringing in snacks for everyone or office parties are the norm. People will say, “come onnnn just have one-it won’t kill you!” Or they call you crazy (or any other number of derivatives) for eating so healthy.

People have called me obsessed, and some close friends don’t understand why I can’t just skip runs or gym days.

It’s hard to understand people these days. On one hand, we want to reduce obesity, and encourage others to live an active healthy lifestyle, but on the other hand, we call people who DO live an active lifestyle crazy or say they’re too obsessed with health and fitness. Why is that?

I’ll leave you with this quote that I love:

difference between interest and commitment

What do you think of all of this?

Has anyone ever called you crazy or criticized you for any of this? How did you respond?


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  1. I’ve definitely heard the first two comments a lot. Sometimes I don’t like staying in the night before the run, but most of the time I love the excuse to go to bed early on a weekend. And I enjoy my Saturdays that much more!

  2. I, as a runner, admit and embrace that I’m crazy! My form of crazy makes me awesome!

    I think the comments on food are frustrating, and they mostly come from a place of jealousy. People want to chip away at our willpower to make themselves feel better!

    • I agree – us runners are crazy, in a good way! And yeah the food thing is the most frustrating one. I’m not going to force you to eat something you don’t like so don’t tell me what to eat!

  3. Yes I’ve definitely been called crazy more times than I can remember. Or when I tell people I like to run their immediate response is “Ew, Why?” I wish more people could share my passion for living a healthy lifestyle, but to each their own. When someone criticizes me I just smile because I know what is best for me!

    • Yes that is a response I have gotten to! Its like, because I like it?? Haha though I have gotten people who commend me and say even though they don’t like running they are impressed with my commitment.

      • Yes! Oh my goodness, me too! People comment on how I eat healthy like it’s a bad thing. With disdain, as you put it. There’s no way I could turn around and comment on how unhealthy their lunch is.

        And when people tell me I’m skinny (again, with disdain), I can’t turn around and comment on their body. It’s a double standard to call someone out on being healthy, but you can’t (or at least I can’t with good conscious) call someone out on being unhealthy.

        Like you say, Nora, it’s a commitment that they witness every day, yet they seem surprised…

  4. Haha okay so I’ve been on both sides of this. In college I used to weigh 30 pounds more and I would look at girls who skipped parties to go workout or who ate salads instead of yummy pasta as “crazy”. But secretly I think it was a mix of jealousy/admiration that made me call them crazy because I wasn’t able to do that. During my run streak last month I had a lot of family members/coworkers call me crazy and it just made me laugh. I think everyone has something “crazy” that they do so I don’t let it bother me!

    • I think it’s, like you said, people just don’t understand because they a) wouldn’t do that themselves or b) secretly want to do it. I’d prefer the term dedicated over crazy! :)

  5. I get a lot of food criticism at work. My boss says “healthy” with disdain when referring to my carrots and apples, etc, I bring for snacks. She says this on her way to the vending machine. I don’t get people either–at times they act like I have a magic formula for staying thin but they see my formula every day in what I eat and the gym bag I carry. It’s not difficult, it’s just a daily commitment.


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