My First Hot Yoga Experience

Earlier this week, my local lululemon store posted that they were having a Blacklight Yoga Party on Thursday, at a studio in my area. I quickly RSVPed for my sister and me because we had never done hot yoga before.

I was really nervous…I was afraid of sweating an insane amount and being stinky and having people be disgusted (sometimes I over-think things). My yogi friend assured me that everyone will probably smell and be insanely sweaty.

I went to social media for other tips for a first time hot yoga-er, and some common ones were:

  • Drink a lot of water in the days leading up.
  • Bring a big towel.
  • Bring a water bottle.
  • Bring an open mind.

I absolutely loved it. I have had this instructor before at lululemon’s community classes, and usually it’s pretty mellow, but this class was really upbeat and fun. We got light-up bracelets at the door too!

The class started with upbeat music, and once Timber by Pitbull & Ke$ha came on, everyone was singing and grooving along to the beat. PS – I’m obsessed with that song, I could listen to it on repeat.

This was certainly the most challenging yoga class I’ve taken. Obviously, because it was hot. But also, the sequence of movements and how long certain poses were held made it tough! The good thing was that the room wasn’t TOO hot-about 97-100 degrees. I have read other reviews of hot yoga where people have said it was too hot to even concentrate, and that’s what I was afraid of.

When people say the heat helps you get deeper in your poses, they aren’t lying! I got into my deepest downward dog, usually I have to keep my knees bent, but this time they were straight and I almost got my heels to touch the ground.

Overall, it was a great class, and I love yoga in general. She ended it on a spiritual note, reading us a quote while we lay in corpse pose. I left feeling refreshed and really wanting to commit to adding more yoga into my life.

Blacklight + yoga = awesome

My clothes were definitely soaked through afterwards, but you really feel good! I would like to add in hot yoga to me exercise routine-just need to find the time and budget ;)

Have you ever tried hot yoga? Or yoga in general?

What are your thoughts about it?


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  1. I love that song too. I love anything Ke$ha does. I’ve never tried hot yoga. What I’d be worried about is sliding around on my own sweat. I’m a big sweater in regular temperatures! I’ve done yoga and PiYo and love both. It’s nice to do hard things at a gradual pace instead of running which can go by so quickly.

  2. That class sounds awesome! Anything with Ke$ha is totally up my alley haha. I’m the sweatiest person on earth but I’m tempted to try hot yoga sometime!

  3. I used to do a lot of Bikram yoga, where they keep the room between 100 – 105 degrees. I liked it a lot – particularly the standing series portion of it as it really helped me improve my balance! That room does get really hot though, and sometimes all the sweat made the carpet really smelly and that was sometimes hard to handle :)

    • ahhh that sounds pretty gross lol thankfully this place had hardwood floors.

      my balance is SO bad it’s so frustrating! We started with tree pose, and my left leg is way worse then my right leg. Should be no surprised that my left leg was the one I got tendonitis in during marathon training haha. Need to work on my balance asap!

  4. Stopping by from your SitsGirls Tribe! I’ve always wanted to try hot yoga! It looks like so much fun (and sweaty)! Have a great day!


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