My Current Training Routine

I have been lifting a lot more recently, and really have increased me strength on several big lifts. I haven’t ran more than 2 miles at a time since the NYC Marathon. I wanted a break from schedule runs, and now run by doing hill sprints 1-2x a week.

During marathon training, I didn’t lift a lot or lift heavy, so it was no surprise that my first day back to lifting I felt pretty weak and was extremely sore the next day.

I have been lifting with my brother, and we are following this 16 week program from His goal was to gain muscle and mass, and he needed a spotter, so I figured I’d join. My current goal is to gain muscle and strength.

The first day we lifted was tough! I used to be way stronger but was struggling to bench press just the bar (45 lbs). In 4 weeks (“Phase 1″), however, I increased my strength in all the lifts! Here are some examples:

The program is 4 phases of 4 weeks. Currently we are in Phase 2 which is Pyramid Training. We start an exercise at 20-15 reps, then decrease reps while increasing weight. It is certainly challenging!

Here is how our week is broken up:

  • Monday- Chest & Back
  • Tuesday- Legs
  • Wednesday- Off
  • Thursday- Shoulders
  • Friday- Full body HIIT/strength
  • Saturday- HIIT/Hill sprints
  • Sunday- Off

My mom started the program 3 weeks ago and has also seen similar results. I’m really liking it so far, and like to do muscle group splits as opposed to full-body. It’s a great way to lift heavy multiple days in a row but give other muscles a break. I love going to the gym each week and increasing the weight in order to challenge myself.

I plan to finish out the program, and then see what my running goals are. For now, I’d like to focus on getting stronger and leaner. I just needed a mental and physical break from a running training plan…I’m sure you’ve all been there! I’ll keep you posted on results after 16 weeks :)

Do you follow a lifting plan/routine?

Are you able to lift regularly while also marathon training?


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  1. Congrats on getting back into lifting! Love that you do it with your brother! I’m pretty bad about balancing running and lifting/strength training. Before I started running, I went to the gym 5-6 days a week with my boyfriend to lift and we both got pretty strong. I switched to running and now I rarely lift (trying to change that though)! It’s sad how weak I’ve become!

  2. I am also getting back into lifting. It is so hard to do something other than running. :) Since I have started this past week, I have thoroughly missed it. It is a great feeling to feel strong!
    Happy Training!

  3. I don’t follow a lifting routine but am encouraged by your workout regimen. Keep up the good work!

  4. Your workout is inspiring. Starting to life again would certainly help me carry this heavy car seat and baby around. Stay strong!

  5. Your workout is inspiring. Starting to lift weights again would certainly help me carry this heavy car seat and baby around. Stay strong!


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