Thinking Out Loud: Resolutioners At The Gym

It’s that time of year where people are making their resolutions. It’s also that time of year that we hear gym-goers complain about the resolutioners.

I can certainly see both sides of this, which is why I wanted to write about it. I wanted to hear what you all think.

Viewpoint #1: Resolutioners Are Annoying

I’ve heard this from friends, read it on Tumblr, and even thought it myself at times. People post about being annoyed that the gym is packed, and it is harder to get a workout in.

Admittedly, it is annoying when the gym is packed, at ANY point during the year, now just new years. I mean, I get annoyed on Mondays when the gym is really packed…yet empty on Friday evenings ;)

Here are some quotes I found on Tumblr:

“Doesn’t it suck when you want to go workout but you also don’t want to because all the friggin resolutioners are taking up all the machines”

“i hate new years when everyone’s resolution is to ‘lose weight’ or ‘get fit’. i understand the desire the lose weight, that’s why we joined the gym. but we did it in august. not because it was a new year or whatever. we did it because we felt we needed to, not because society said we should.”

I understand the second quote a bit because it is interesting to me that so many people choose Jan. 2 to get fit or healthy. I understand it is a new year, but I also wonder how many people thought about starting to work out in October or November, but said “I’ll wait until the new year.” Why wait?

Viewpoint #2: Be Supportive

I will admit…the other day I was venting to my boyfriend about packed the gym was the day after Christmas, and his roommate said, “The resolutioners are coming earlier this year.” I laughed, and my boyfriend called us gym snobs :-P

He actually is one of those people who will be going to the gym after new years. He said, he pays for his gym membership so he has the right to use it (obviously) as he pleases, as do any other people who sign up for new years. He said that as a personal trainer, I should be happy they are trying to be healthy (I am).

His roommate said he is mainly annoyed by them because they are there for a few weeks, then fizzle out. They crowd the gym while others have been working at it all year. While “a third [of resolutions] are ditched by the end of January, [and] four out of five people simply give their resolutions up” Dan (my boyfriend) said, no one goes into the new year thinking that they will be part of this statistic.

Here are other quotes I found on Tumblr:

“Is the inconvenience to me worth more than the health of others? Hell no. New Years Resolutioners, I urge you to continue to work out, kick ass, and drive me a little insane. ;)”

Keep in mind, some of us find it easier to stick to a healthy, fit lifestyle than others… Imagine how discouraging it would be to have people making fun of your efforts! Instead of mocking the “newbies”, we should encourage them to keep working toward their goals! Remember, we all had to start somewhere!

I do also agree with these quotes. We did all have to start somewhere, and it’s very possible many of us started on a January 2nd, and are still living up to our old resolution.

While I can see both sides to this “controversy,” here is what I hope: I hope that those who are hitting the gym next week continue to do so throughout the year. I hope those wanting to start a healthy lifestyle can maintain it.

If your resolution is to go to the gym and eat healthier, I hope you crush it! Take those statistics and kick their @$$. As I posted earlier this morning, you have a “365 page book” ahead of you, with blank pages.

Is your resolution to go to the gym more?

What do you think about resolutioners/this topic? Do you see both sides?


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  1. Great post! I still make resolutions, I just do it a bit differently than I used to (I make monthly goals or break down my larger goals into manageable steps so that I don’t give up in February!) but I totally think that some people just wait until January 1st to start goals that they don’t really have the tools to succeed at. I do hope those people stick with it, and I also hope that your gym isn’t too full of people next week! And I love that 365 book quote!

    • I totally agree that peoole make resolutions without thinking it thru. You seem to have a good way to make sure you achieve your goals! Im all about setting big goals but also figuring out the gameplan to get to those big goala

  2. I’ve been a gym rat for pretty much my whole life. Someone needs to pry me out of there some days, so going more is not a resolution for me. I totally agree with both sides of coin here too. I really commend people for getting out of their comfort zone and trying to better themselves. Everyone does have to start somewhere so why not take advantage of the new year. But, as someone who is an avid gym goer year round and has been for many years, I can’t help but be outwardly annoyed when I show up to a packed gym full of people wandering like lost puppies and occupying space unproductively. Especially when most will fizzle out in a few week. ESPECIALLY at 6am when I’m there since that’s the time slot that drops the fastest for sure. Makes for an annoying few weeks, but props to those who stick it out and make it a lifestyle for sure.

    • This is exactly how I feel! Like word for word haha. Its annoying but I do hope peoppe try to stick with it. Though nothing annoys me more than people standing around or sitting around on their phones. Get out of my way! Lol

  3. I made my resolution in June so noone noticed…and it is permanent :-D
    I can completely see both sides of the story!

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