Motivational Monday!

So yesterday it was around 25 degrees here, but felt like even less with windchill. I’ve ran in the cold before, begrudgingly, and after a snow storm, but it ended up not being bad at all!

I saw a lot of runners who posted about getting out there despite the conditions…that’s awesome! If I were running regularly, perhaps I would have gone out, but running really isn’t in my training plan right now ;)

Here’s a little motivation as we head into the winter:

I know you all will get after it no matter what, but in case you need some extra inspiration, this is a great quote! No matter if it’s summer or winter, you will never have perfect conditions. Just gear up and do it! The key to winter running is the right layers and gear, once you have that, I promise you won’t even feel the cold!

Do you prefer winter running or summer running? I prefer the cold…I sweat way too much in the summer!


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  1. Definitely prefer the winter! I dehydrate so easily, and I always just feel sluggish in the summer. Not that I enjoy running when I can’t feel my toes, but my philosophy has always been that you can add more layers if you’re cold, but once it’s really hot, there’s just nothing you can do. Plus, I always feel pretty awesome when I can say I went for a run in sub-freezing temps!

  2. I also prefer running in the cold! Today I was miserable for the first mile of my cold and windy run, but by mile 4 I was actually sweating a bit! During the summer I get way too sweaty and dizzy to really push myself hard enough so I’ll take this cold weather!

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