Get Pumped At The Gym

TGIF! I can’t believe the response I got to my running post yesterday…thanks everyone! :)

Are you heading to the gym today to kick off the weekend the right way? If you’re looking to try something new, here’s a workout I created that hits all major muscle groups and adds a cardio component. If you weren’t planning on going to the gym, I think you should go ;)


Do 10 sets of each exercises, and repeat 3-5x through depending on how much time you have/how challenging of a workout you want.

For pull-ups, use an assisted pull-up machine or band if necessary.

For the benchpress, use dumbbells if needed (if barbell is too heavy or not available at your gym).

For the kettlebell squat, hold the kettlebell up against your chest, elbows tucked in.

Use dumbbells for the “squat,curl,press.”

If you don’t need to do cardio today, or plan on doing it after, you can omit the burpees from the workout.

Let me know if you decide to try it! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Do you prefer to workout at the gym or at home?


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  1. When it comes to free weights and doing things like ab exercises/push-ups/burpees, etc., I prefer to do those at home. I sometimes am making up the routine as I go and sometimes I’m not the most agile. Hah I trip – a lot or walk into things.

    But I love going to the gym for their classes and machines like the elliptical or bike.

    Fridays are one of my few rest days. Thursdays (aka last night) was Kickboxing and Zumba. Tomorrow I’ll be back at the gym for some Zumba and Body Sculpt so I think Fridays are a good “rest” day to have! :-D

    • That’s great that you have a routine! And I agree Fridays are a good rest day to have ;)

      Is body sculpt a les mills class? Not sure if my gym offers it but I do want to try out some more classes.

      • No, this is similar to the Les Mill’s “Body Pump” class though, which I used to take. Loved it!!! After the first day, my body was in so much pain but it’s worth it. Your muscles look AMAZING if you stick with it!

        I take Body Sculpt now every Saturday for 1 hr and my biceps, shoulders and calves are really coming together with some amazing definition. I love flexing in front of the mirror hah

  2. I prefer working out at the gym as I find I push myself more and there are less distractions but I do prefer to run outside than at the gym.

    This workout looks like a great one!


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