Motivational Monday!

October is over already…my friend and I were talking about New Year’s dresses the other day…where is time going??? I don’t want it to be 2014!

Anyway, last week, I found this quote on Instagram on a fellow runner’s account (@blonde_bun_runner). I totally could relate:

This can relate to anyone. How often do you get caught up with worrying and stressing out? We don’t even realize how much we worry sometimes. I saw this and immediately related it to my marathon training. I haven’t had the best last 3 weeks of running and I’m really nervous. Then I saw this and thought, I’m running a marathon. I have the ability to RUN, period. I have an able body, and 2 legs that will take me through 26.2 miles (hopefully). Time doesn’t matter. I should be thankful for the opportunity…because there are many people out there who wish they could walk or run. Something I need to remember whenever I start worrying this week…

What are you currently worrying about? How will you change your point of view on this and instead of thankful? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. That’s the attitude I took into my race yesterday and it really helped me. Also remembering I choose to run, I don’t have to run.

  2. I love this! I’m currently worrying about my upcoming 10k (it’s on a bridge that has a steep incline on both sides) but honestly, I should just consider myself lucky that I get to run on it! It’s the Ben Franklin Bridge going from Philly to NJ and although thousands of cars drive over it every day, they’re shutting it down just for the race. Thanks for posting this and making me appreciate the fact that I’m able to do this 10k! And good luck on your marathon!

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