Motivational Monday!

Happy Monday!

Today’s quote really resonates with me, especially with where I am at in marathon training:

I fear…not getting to the starting line because of my shin issues

I fearnot being able to run 26.2 miles

I fear…bonking around mile 18 again like I did in 2011

I fear…the Queensboro Bridge…because it’s a 1 mile long incline

I fear…being disappointed with my performance and time.

All of these things are going through my mind right now…and I know I should remain positive. Only 4 weeks left but I really, really want to do so much better in this race.

Of course I have a time goal, but honestly, I just don’t want to feel completely miserable like I did in 2011. I don’t want to have to basically walk the last 5 miles, and be angry when I cross the finish line. I want to be happy and celebrate with my mom…not end up in the medical tent.

But I have to let go of these fears! This quote is so true…and I experienced it first hand. When my mom and I ran the course 2 weeks ago, when we got to the Queensboro Bridge my heart rate went up. I was scared. This was where (in 2011) my downfall started…and I ended up having to walk part of the bridge, and then most of the rest of the way.

As we started running up it, I told myself to control my breathing and my heart rate would go down. Just take it one step at a time. People watch to make the time go by. Then…we made it over! I didn’t have to stop, and I felt fine most of the way.

That is an example of how fear holds you back, not a physical limitation. My legs and body could go up this bridge…but fear caused me to be afraid and have a mini anxiety attack. Now I just need to remember this instance when I am on the bridge in the actual race!

Whatever it is you do, when you find you are doubting yourself, ask yourself if it is just fear. Perhaps you do have a limitation, and you have to slowly work towards a goal. But sometimes it is your mind you need to overcome.

Do you have an example of how fear has held you back in the past?

Do you get nervous before a marathon even though you have already done one before? Help!


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  1. I’m proud of you. Because you realized this in advance, had the courage to address it, conquer it and push through… you will likely remember this moment on race day. My mind has always been my biggest obstacle. My body has been trained well, I’ve put in my hours and my miles… but my mind is another type of battle. It must be exercised with strategy, positive reinforcement and on a daily basis. YOU GOT THIS.

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  3. I get super nervous before every race! I’m always scared something will go wrong. I ran a 5k a few months ago and for some reason I wasn’t nervous…I ended up getting horrible side stitches and feeling horrible the entire time. I think getting nervous is actually a good thing (as long as you don’t let negative thoughts win) because it gets you pumped up before the race!

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