Health/Fitness Links To Get You Through The Day

How is it 80 degrees right now in October?? I want fall weather!!! What’s the temp like where you are?

Here are your health links for today:

  • 10k Running Playlist (Pumps & Iron) – Will have to download some of these because I also enjoy EDM during my runs. What type of music do you like?
  • 20 Minute HIIT Treadmill Workout (Blonde Ponytail) – Can’t wait until after NYCM to start doing shorter runs like this!
  • Pesto Spaghetti Squash (Live Free and Run) – It’s squash season!!! I love spaghetti squash…need to try this.
  • Why Runners Are The Best Ever (See This Girl Run) – Love this! Runners really are the best ;)
  • How Did Your Food Live? (Tony Gentilcore) – A very informative piece on where your meat comes from. It is not gory or preachy…he writes about the science behind it and what you can do to eat better.

Do you buy grassfed/free-range/organic beef and chicken? Where do you buy it from? Farm, Trader Joe’s, other?


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  1. It was really warm here in Toronto too. It cooled off this morning though – back to fall weather. :)

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