New Workout Tunes

I haven’t uploaded a playlist in a while…so here’s what I am currently listening to.

I’ve been obsessed with Roar by Katy Perry and Summertime Sadness (<–for the past month or so it’s been playing A LOT). Walls is a little older but it still pumps me up.


use my workout playlists for when I’m driving and want to be pumped up, or for football tailgates :)

What song is currently playing on repeat for you? Do you have driving playlists or do you prefer apps like Pandora?


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  1. I love the new George Strait album “Love is Everything”, and “Give It All We Got Tonight” is amazing, but I don’t use it to workout to. I sing George to my nephew when I am putting him down to sleep. Speaking of country “All Over The Road” is a great song.

    I like Pandora because there isn’t a radio station that plays oldies 50s and 60s in the DFW area. I have a Beach Boys station that I love listening to.

    I love to listen to AC/DC before or during a workout. Those guys always get me pumped and stoked for a workout!!!!!

    • I love ACDC as well! I haven’t heard of those George Strait songs but I will check them out because I love country :)

      • AC/DC is great music when working out or getting in that mind set.

        I am a HUGE George Strait fan!!!! Give It All We Got Tonight was recent single and I think you’ll love it. You’ll have to let me know what you think after you give it a listen.

  2. I love “Roar”! It’s the best song for running that I’ve heard in a while! I don’t listen to music while running but I do listen to this song to pump me up while I’m driving to the trail to run!

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