Week 11 of NYC Marathon Training

Another week of training in the books…and it was the first time we have ran 50 miles in one week!! I’m feeling it today though…my shin is really hurting today so I may need to take a spin class instead of doing a strength workout (4×1.5 mile repeats). It hurts just walking around and putting weight on it, so I don’t want to take any risks. Missing one workout won’t kill me right??

Anyway, here’s last week’s training:


Strength workout. 1 mile warm up, 6×1 mile repeats at 10 seconds faster than goal marathon pace (400 meter jog), 1 mile cool down (total = 9 miles). This was a great workout! We ran a bit faster (by like 5 seconds per mile) but were feeling good.




This was supposed to be an 8 mile temp, with 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down. But look at what the weather was that day:

Seriously, awful. We were able to keep our goal pace for 3 miles (which I was even surprised about) but we were working REALLY hard to do that, and once we hit mile 4 it was way off. We decided to just do a normal paced run from there on out for a total of 6 miles instead of 10, which stinks but whatever =/


Easy 5 miles on the treadmill. I hate the treadmill but reading made it go by quicker!


First time this training round that I got up early to run…8 miles! 8 easy miles which felt great. The middle miles were hard but once I was over halfway done I sped up a bit and felt good. I think I may convert to some morning runs, because it is so peaceful!


16 miles! =O I felt confident going into this run but was nervous because we were doing it in the morning as opposed to the afternoon like we usually do. I woke up an hour before hand to eat a good breakfast. We did a 6 mile loop to end at our house in order to refill our bottles. We felt AMAZING. We were running a bit faster than we should have been but it felt easy so I went with it. I also was drinking 6 oz. of water every 2 miles, and taking a GU every 2-3 miles to keep fuel stores up and I think it definitely made a difference.

Check out our negative splits and those hills!


Easy 6 recovery miles. These were SLLOOOWWWW. Like almost 13 minutes per mile slow. My quads were really sore from the long run so I really didn’t care how slow I went.

TOTAL: 50 miles!! =)

How often do you take GU/fuel on your long runs? I know the package says every 45 minutes but I don’t think that’s enough for me. Plus, you’re supposed to take in 200-300 calories per hour so how is that enough? That’s why I experimented with taking them every 2-3 miles.

What is your preferred long run fuel?


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  1. I ran 11 miles Sunday and had a Gu after mile 5. If I was running a half marathon I’d also take one at mile 10 but I didn’t Sunday because I knew I was almost done. Your experience makes me wonder if I should try consuming more, especially on runs where I’m feeling lethargic and it’s a struggle to go on.

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