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Seriously, does anyone else feel like this year has been flying by? My parents and I were talking about how soon it will end up being New Years again! 2014. I don’t like the number 14…I prefer 2013 :-p Do you have favorite numbers?

Anyway, here’s today’s quote:

Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 8.37.15 PMI read an interesting article in Runner’s World recently about mental training. I’m training day in and day out for this marathon, but if my mental strength isn’t there, I will falter. This is evident in workouts, when I feel like I can’t keep a certain pace, or think I feel tired. Though it can be a good thing too…like last week’s tempo run where I went in feeling confident.

No matter what sport or activity you do…mental strength goes a long way. Sometimes it’s the mind that needs to be overcome, not the body. You may THINK you’re tired, or you can’t…but trust me, you have one last rep in you…maybe even more. You will surprise yourself. Obviously, there is a fine line between that and injuring yourself…but most of the time you CAN push harder, you CAN keep going and you are NOT tired.

Have you been a victim of your mind? How do you push through it? Any tips on training your mental strength?******************

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  2. I always fall victim to this! As soon as I start thinking I might do well, my brain starts psyching me out. I hate it! If I didn’t have so many negative thoughts while running I would probably be a lot faster! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Anthony Lanzillo says:


    Appreciate your comments about “working your mind”. Several years ago, started working with my son, and then other student-athletes on mental skills training. Realize that alot of athletes and coaches don’t dedicate enough time to this subject. Please check out this new blog on mental skills and use anything you want….””.

    Good luck,


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