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As you may know, I’m currently away on vacation…but I really wanted to get this post in and share some great information and opportunities with you. Plus, it goes along with my running theme of the past few days :)

I got this idea from Cori (, when she wrote about her running coach. I started thinking about my experiences with my running coach, and how it could benefit others, especially my readers!

I worked with Marc for about 3 years, and he helped me train for many races, ranging from 5K to the marathon. Not only did he write me training plans, he also provided daily support and race day plans/support. It was great having someone map out your training for you, but also great to know you could ask him questions at any time, or tweet at him and get feedback and encouragement.

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I’m going to turn it over to Marc now, so he can talk more about the coaching process and it’s benefits. The only reason I’m not still with him is financial reasons (hey, just graduated from grad school and am trying to start my own business AND pay student loans!) If I was able to I would certainly still be training with him :)

Here’s what Marc has to say:

Hi everyone!  First I have to thank Patty for allowing me to help run this contest.  I’m Marc and I blog and coach via

At TrainWithMarc, I’ve made it my mission to help runners of all abilities get the most out of the running they do.  Whether you are a brand new runner looking for your first race or you’re trying to BQ, I create a training plan that takes into account your running history, running goals, and “life-commitments”.  I tailor a plan that specifically fits YOU.  No two plans are alike; because no two runners are alike.  I take pride in seeing my online runners set PR after PR and that’s what drives me to be the best coach I can be.  

I look forward to working with Patty’s readers.  I am excited to begin working with the winner of the contest – and helping them reach their full potential as a runner.  If you aren’t the winner, don’t cry!  You can still contact me and we can discuss training plans for your upcoming races as well.

Here’s an opportunity for all of you to work with a running coach. Marc has generously offered to give one runner 1 free month of coaching! That’s an awesome deal…and if you like it you can continue working with him!

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

Doing the above counts as 1 entry. I will chose a winner on August 1…you have 1 week! :)

For more information about TrainWithMarc, Coach Marc, or his services visit him at or find him on


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  1. I would love a running coach! I am going to do my first half marathon in January and haven’t had official coaching since high school. Thanks for the opportunity :) Fingers crossed!

  2. Jim Hartman says:

    Ok, so I just joined Marc so technically at this point I don’t NEED a running coach since I now have one, but I will comment anyway. So far I haven’t had much experience with Marc but I can tell already that it will be worth it. He has been very responsive to my emails and questions and has asked ME a lot of questions so I know his plans are uniquely tailored to each runner. He gave me a training plan and log for all of my running and training which I have begun, and I must admit having a plan and a coach has given me a push and inspiration. I just hope I can stick with it….Anyway, just wanted to put it out there. Also, Thank You to Patty for referring me to Marc.

    PS – This post was just to give my thoughts so please don’t enter me in the contest.
    I will be happier for someone else to win.


  3. I would LOVE a coach. I’ve been wanting to work on my speed/pace, but I’m also considering a full marathon – and having a coach would be so helpful! Oh, I so hope I win!!


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